Hundreds Of Hoosiers Are Keeping Off The Fat And Feeling And Looking Great Thanks To Weight Loss And Fitness Expert Ryan Ketchum, Who Launched The Bloomington Based Force Fitness And Performance With Fellow College Athlete Will Fleming

Bloomington, IN – September 15, 2011 – Ryan Ketchum, co-owner of the Bloomington, Indiana based Force Fitness and Performance, has a special connection to all of the 425-plus clients currently signed up for programs with the facility.

Whether he’s conducting boot camps or semi-private training sessions, Ketchum empathizes with everyone who comes to him hoping to burn and keep off the fat, increase muscle tone and strength and develop a lean body with definition. People may come in thinking he’s always had the athletic body he boasts now—but he’s never shy about telling them the truth.

During his high school days and college years at Indiana University he was right where they are, very overweight at 335 lbs.

Ketchum’s expertise in weight loss and fitness came from his years of training as an athlete and the incredible knowledge he gained from his own experiences, combined with his studies of kinesiology at IU (with an emphasis in fitness) and his ability to transform his own body from his top weight to a much healthier 220 lbs. in just a year’s time. This transformation required tremendous will power and self confidence, qualities he instills in all his clients.

Since launching Force Fitness and Performance in mid-2008 with fellow IU track and field star Will Fleming (who was a hammer thrower), Ketchum has become the premiere weight loss and fitness expert in the region. The training system he has developed has resulted in large number (yet very healthy) weight loss of 50, 60 and even 100 lbs. in some clients. Ketchum’s functional fitness programs are employed by some of Bloomington’s finest adult athletes and his tactical strength programs are utilized by the Bloomington Fire Department to train their incoming recruits.

Ketchum shares his wisdom on a weekly evening rush hour radio program called The Force Fitness Power Hour on the Bloomington’s B97 (WBFM), which he co-hosts with Kevin Stockbridge. The two discuss a new fitness or nutrition related topic—from current events that relate to a daily fitness routine to outdoor activities to staying on track and resisting temptation during the holidays.


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