Human Development Expert Deborah R. Mech Featured on CBS as Guest on “Meet The Experts”

Deborah R. Mech, professional growth and human development consultant, was recently seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX network affiliates around the country as an expert guest on “Meet The Experts with Arielle Ford.”

San Diego, Calif. – March 4, 2013 – Deborah R. Mech, CEO and Founder of URU-Universal Resources Unlimited, was recently an expert guest on the show “Meet the Experts with Arielle Ford.” Author and publicist Arielle Ford, one of the Country’s leading marketing experts, hosts the show that was recently featured on CBS and other major network affiliates across the country.

“Meet the Experts with Arielle Ford”, filmed in San Diego, California, features an interview format, with Arielle Ford interviewing business leaders and marketing experts from around the world. Ms. Mech was one of Ms. Ford’s recent guests, discussing how she provides instruction and facilitates self-inquiry for her students of all ages. She brings the metaphysical, spiritual, and intuitive natures of education into the light of awareness.

Deborah described to Arielle the techniques she uses to help children understand their intrinsic true natures, gifts and talents, and how they each hold a special place in the universe exactly as they are. She also discussed how she works with parents, helping them to be aware of their child’s specific needs, and she assists parents in their role as advocates who’s job it is “to help their child navigate their way through the school system.”

Arielle commented on Deborah’s ability to establish a special rapport with children and made reference to Deborah as being like “a child whisperer”. Deborah explained that the relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, and that each child must learn to trust themselves first and then share who they are with the world.

Deborah R. Mech has been providing a variety of Human Development and Professional Growth Seminars since URU-Universal Resources Unlimited was first established in 1998. She has also been a professional educator and educational consultant for over 30 years. In addition to her service at the San Diego County Office of Education, Student Well-Being/SAFE Schools divisions, Deborah served as the Woman’s Issues contact for the CTA, California Teacher’s Association.

Deborah has presented her pilot program and Special Education Master’s Dissertation, “Spiritual Diversity in Education: A Fully Inclusive Whole-Child / Holistic Approach”, at the CTA-California Teacher’s Association, Human Rights and Equity Conference (Irvine, California), for the CES-Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum (Seattle), and for local schools and school districts. It has now grown into a multi-faceted educational program.

“Spiritual Diversity in Education” is a conversation and interactive experience designed to explore this aspect of being human,” said Mech. “This process ultimately provides validation for the individual’s diversity as well as validation and acknowledgement of the collective-unity through commonalities, all inherent in our experience as spiritual beings having a human experience.”

“Meet The Experts” was produced by Emmy Award winning director and producer, Nick Nanton, Esq. and Emmy Nominated Producer, JW Dicks, Esq., Co-Founders of America’s PremierExperts® and The Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency®.

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