Holly Rigsby Of “FitYummyMummy.com” Named to America’s PremierExperts™ Class of 2008-2009

Holly Rigsby, founder of www.fityummymummy.com, has recently been named to America’s PremierExperts™ Class of 2008-2009 and will participate in The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™.

Orlando, Fla. – August 18, 2008 – America’s PremierExperts™ LLC is an organization that honors an exclusive group of Celebrity Experts who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.  Upon acceptance into America’s PremiereExperts™, members are invited to apply to participate in a 12-month innovative and extremely exclusive program, The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™, for highly motivated entrepreneurs and professionals, launched by Nick Nanton, Esq., The Celebrity Lawyer and J.W. Dicks, Esq., The Business Growth Lawyer, authors of the book, “Celebrity Branding You™.”

  Holly Rigsby, founder of http://www.fityummymummy.com, is one of only a handful of participants selected for America’s PremierExperts™ class of 2008-2009 and participating in The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™.  Fit Yummy Mummy is a 12-week health, exercise and wellness program for new mothers to get back into shape and lose unwanted weight accrued during pregnancy.  Rigsby will be participating with other selected celebrity experts across multiple industries that will participate in multiple initiatives over the course of the year and will be weighing in on key subjects to consumers and businesses alike.

 The participants selected to participate in this year’s program are forward-thinking business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs looking to separate their brand, increase revenues, lock out their competition and capture a distinct advantage over competitors in their market.

 About her participation in America’s PremierExperts™, Holly Rigsby said, “I’ve already experienced the sheer impact relationship building has had on hundreds of women that I currently work with as they strive to achieve some truly amazing fitness goals. There is something so powerful about knowing you are not alone in your journey to self-improvement.

Having the opportunity to reach out to an even greater audience of busy moms who are desperate to lose the excess weight and frustrated with one failed attempt after another is the most exciting opportunity yet! I want nothing more for this real life solution to keep growing, to prove that there is a system that works, that adds to your life, and how achieving your goals becomes 100 times easier when you have the support, encouragement and accountability from women who truly care.  To help women see that this is more than just weight loss, but an opportunity to truly live.

Watching their lives unfold into something so beautiful and empowering- seeing the light in these women shine – whether it is just turning that light on again….or finding it for the 1st time in their lives – is an experience all women deserve to have.”

 “We are proud to honor Holly Rigsby as one of America’s PremierExperts™.  She does a great job of providing women around the world with the education, training and support they need to achieve their personal goals.  We know she will be a great addition to America’s PremierExperts™ Class of 2008-2009,” Nick Nanton, Esq. co-founder of the organization said.

About Holly Rigsby:

 Holly Rigsby is considered America’s #1 Busy Mom Fat Loss Expert.  She is an ACE certified personal trainer, as well as the author of “Fit Yummy Mummy: 16 Week Lifestyle System for Busy Moms,” helping moms burn the baby fat and get their body back in just 90 minutes a week. Holly is also founder of ClubFYM.com, a support community where Moms can get connected, feel supported and successfully transform their bodies and their lives.

Holly graduated from the University of Louisville with a Masters of Arts in Teaching. She has worked with over 1,000 Mom’s to help them lose the stubborn baby fat and get their pre-baby body back.  As a trainer, friend and coach it is Holly’s mission to educate, motivate and inspire women to take action in order to realize their greatest dreams and goals.  For more information, please visit Http://www.fityummymummy.com.

About America’s PremierExperts™ LLC:America’s PremierExperts™ is an organization that recognizes celebrity experts in their field of business and offers entrepreneurs and professionals exclusive, invitation-only, opportunities for further exposure and growth in the marketplace.  JW Dicks, Esq. & Nick Nanton, Esq., attorneys by trade and entrepreneurs by choice, founded America’s PremierExperts™ and The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™ to honor entrepreneurs and business people who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.  For more information about America’s PremierExperts™ LLC visit www.AmericasPremierExperts.com

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