Health And Wellness Coach Dr. Jeff Rebarcak Says Taking Control Over Your Life Starts With Self-Talk

Dr. Jeff Rebarcak, speaker, best-selling author, mentor, and doctor, shares why making  positive life changes should start from within.

Naperville, IL – June 9, 2014 – Dr. Jeff Rebarcak, renowned health and wellness coach, published a new article on the impact of self-talk, and how we can use it to take control of our lives. The article titled “How to Use Self Talk to Take Control” says self-talk is a useful tool.

Dr. Rebarcak says, “Positive self-talk is one of the first things I recommend clients change
when they come to me for help living a healthier lifestyle. The words you use in your own mind are where positive changes begin, and learning to control those words gives you the power to make the vision you have for your life possible. Positive self-talk can be used to help motivate, strengthen willpower, and relieve everyday stress.”

Dr. Jeff Rebarcak specializes in helping people reach their health and wellness goals through a combination of scientific and spiritual methods. As a speaker, he offers workshops about transformation, bringing exciting, dynamic and well-rounded messages rooted in God’s Word. Dr. Rebarcak is a certified Life Coach and holds a certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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About Dr. Jeff Rebarcak:
As a husband, father of three boys, and founder of numerous chiropractic and multi-disciplinary Wellness Centers in several states, Jeff Rebarcak lives life conscious of both his physical and spiritual health. With the the vision of building passionate teams with caring doctors, Rebarcak expanded Preferred Chiropractic Centers from a single office to multiple centers located in Arizona, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado and Texas, where he served as Clinic Director and President.

Today Jeff shares his experience, knowledge, and passion for healthy living with grace by holding dynamic sessions, exciting workshops, and speaking engagements founded on the truth that God wants us to be healthy, live abundantly and prosper in every area of our lives!

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