Health and Exercise Franchise of SuperSlow Zone® Participates In Campaign Focusing On Strong Women

SuperSlow Zone® – Lone Tree, Colo., a distinctive health and exercise franchise of Orlando-based SuperSlow Zone®, LLC, participates in SuperSlow Zone’s® national “summer of strong women” campaign.

 Lone Tree, Colo. – June 25, 2008 – Earlier this month, Madeline Ross, CEO of health and exercise franchise SuperSlow Zone® (SSZ), issued a call-to-action to all women by declaring that summer 2008 is focused on “strong women.”  In videos and articles about SuperSlow Zone® female clients posted the company’s web site,, Ross emphasizes the importance of women’s health, strength and grace through self-accountability with help.

 SuperSlow® has been the leading strength training protocol for more than 26 distinguished years.  The SuperSlow® method is an expert supervised, 20-minute, twice-a-week, strength training protocol that has proven to be the safest, most efficient and effective form of strength training available. SuperSlow Zone’s® clients are men and women who seek a professional service that delivers maximum results in a minimum amount of time.  However, Ross is focusing on women for a special summer 2008 initiative.

 At the Lone Tree, Colo. location of SuperSlow Zone®, several female clients are taking advantage of this extra focus by sharing the exceptional results they are seeing utilizing the SuperSlow® strength training method. 

 Ellen Smith, a 44-year-old client of SuperSlow Zone® – Lone Tree, Colo. said, “I started coming to SuperSlow Zone® because after I hit 40 years old everything that I had always done before wasn’t doing anything for me.  I realized that all the aerobic exercise never paid off, except maybe in the ‘endorphin kick.’  My weight lifting routine was just not cutting it either – either too boring or not enough time to work out as much as I thought I needed to see results.  I started at SuperSlow Zone® and I cannot tell you how unbelievable it has been for me.”  Smith continued, “I have gone down a size in my pants. I was not trying to do that, but over the last 6 months of consistently coming to SuperSlow Zone® and making increased progress, my inches have really gone down.  I feel better and younger than I have in years.  I get compliments all the time.  Overall, I feel that I am pushed to my limit each workout; achieving strength goals I never thought I could reach and feel better than I have in years.  I am addicted to SuperSlow Zone®.”

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 About SuperSlow Zone®, LLC:

SuperSlow® celebrates a 26-year history of helping people achieve optimal strength and health in minimum time. SuperSlow® strength training is the original, codified, accredited, high-intensity, low-force strengthening exercise protocol. It was created and developed by founder Ken Hutchins out of a $3.2 million osteoporosis study in 1982 at the University of Florida School of Medicine.

SuperSlow Zone® is a distinctive health and exercise franchise that exclusively delivers SuperSlow® strength training to busy people of all ages throughout the world, enabling them to achieve and maintain strong, healthy and attractive bodies. As the leader-in-the-field to create ‘the ideal clinical exercise environment’, the distraction-free, properly cooled and ventilated climate enables the client/patient and Certified SuperSlow® Instructor precision and focus in their to performance.

Additionally, clients may choose to benefit from Healthy Eating Coaching for optimal weight and health goals.

SuperSlow Zone® is accredited by the prestigious IACET (   IACET also accredits the American Physical Therapy Association, National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control and, Duke University Medical Center, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Corporate University, GE Healthcare and many others.   SSZ achieved and maintains this accreditation to ensure the highest standards of service and care for its clients.


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