Happiness Expert, Psychiatrist, Author and Speaker, Dr. Caroline Manuel Offers Hope to Those in Spiritual and Emotional Need

Mt. Waverly, VIC – November 28, 2011 – Dr. Caroline Manuel has successfully created alternative methods to improving mental health while helping audiences all over the world manifest better quality lives.

Dr. Manuel specializes in combining innovative neuroscience and medical research with forgotten happiness enhancers such as play, laughter, charity, yoga and gratitude to help teach people the art of happy living.

As an internationally recognized medical doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, author, and speaker Dr. Manuel has appeared as a guest on “Meet The Experts With Arielle Ford,” which aired on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. Dr. Manuel’s techniques and writings are also featured on her virtual platform, www.thelaughingmonk.com, which offers readers inspiring ways to transform personal troubles and stress into a more vital, joyful life experience.

Born in Southern India, Dr. Manuel ended up completed her medical training in India and then getting her postgraduate psychiatric training in Texas, USA before moving to Melbourne, Australia to practice psychiatry. Dr. Manuel became interested in both positive psychology and personal development and how they affected treatment for mental illness. She began to expand her experience with complimentary treatments such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Acceptance, Commitment Therapy and other self-empowerment techniques.

She utilizes a number of tools to transform patients and audiences including The Laughing Monk Cafe, a virtual meeting space for readers to exchange their own stories of woe to win, humor, cheer, and even includes savory recipes to spice the mind and juice the body.

Dr. Manuel is also working with New York Times best-selling editor, Stacey Donovan on her upcoming book, The Laughing Monk, due out in 2012 and they are planning the world’s largest curry meal for the homeless across Australia and the USA to accompany the launch of the book. “Charity and contribution play a significant role in creating authentic happiness,” says Dr. Manuel.

Dr. Manuel hopes to continue following her passions in assisting others apply successful strategies in their own lives, igniting their relationships and finding true happiness. “I love strategizing with people about what I have learned so that they can arrive at a new awareness on their own and find remedies that will ease the mind and lift their spirit. Let’s help each other live life fully and vibrantly.”

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