Gregory Ricks: A Financial GPS With Three Decades Of Experience

Metairie, LA – July 23, 2012 – Clients come to Gregory Ricks with sums in the bank that represent years of hard work and frugal living. “And yet,” says Ricks, “All too often they seem ready to throw their hard won earnings into risk… put it all on red.”

Ricks is the founder and CEO of Gregory Ricks & Associates, a registered investment adviser in Metairie, LA, and is Louisiana’s 401k and Retirement Authority. His firm gears its advice to making money last by showing people the warning signs that he knows from experience and preemptively guiding them away from danger. The firm deals in a lot of assets that are not correlated to the market and are alternatives to Wall Street.

Using the tactic of momentum, Ricks still uses the market but in a safer way. His firm is not day, week or month trading, but if the market is going up and showing an indicator that it is going to continue to climb, a “go ahead” signal is given. On the other side of the coin, if the market is going bad, the firm has an “exit” signal or a hard number that takes all emotion out of it.

Ricks also uses insured products, mainly fixed annuities added into the mix to create certainty.

Gregory started in financial services in 1982 when he made his first foray into the industry by selling insurance policies to pay his way through college. The next two decades brought success as Ricks developed both his reputation and his methodology. He got involved in Wall Street, becoming fascinated with the science of predicting growth and trends. As the market evolved, so have his strategies; in the 2000’s, he took a hardline “Safety First” strategy.

Always looking to educate the public, Ricks is extremely proud of is his 9 a.m. CST Saturday radio show “Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks” on FM 99.5 WRNO. He’s also in the process of finalizing his new book “Winning at Life in Retirement.” The emphasis is to avoid losing money to Wall Street, to avoid losing money to Uncle Sam and to protect assets from runaway health care costs late in life.

For more information, visit or call 504-832-9200.

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