Greg Taylor aka The Retirement Coach: The Right Coach for the Biggest Game of Your Life – Retirement

Dublin, OH – April 3, 2012 – Greg Taylor, commonly referred to as the “retirement coach,” has more than 20 years in various mediums helping seniors retire the right way and a way that will last.

In 1994, he founded the Legacy Retirement Group, LLC in Dublin, Ohio. Legacy is all about the team concept and Taylor is the coach of this very successful team.

“The first meeting is with me, and this is a session designed to understand their goals, their passions, what is important to them and how they want to live in retirement. I look for weaknesses in their current status that may hinder or make accomplishing these goals difficult,” he said.

Each individual’s needs vary greatly, and while some clients may need to sit down with an expert in elder law, others may need to meet with an attorney specializing in estate planning.

Estate planning attorneys can assist in organizing how clients transition what they have left to loved ones without excessive taxes, attorney fees or the time and trouble that probate causes. Elder law attorneys, amongst other services, show couples how to shelter things from being lost if one partner becomes ill. The team’s insurance professionals are experts in lowering costs related to home, medical and auto coverage.

Taylor is completely dedicated to his clients’ success and takes great pride in hands-on, personal service. While it is easy to set up an automated system to deal with customers and their frustrations, this will never be Taylor’s approach. “I know me. If I want an answer, I want to talk to somebody. If I am looking for a solution, I am looking for one for my problem, not one that seemingly fits every problem,” he said.

Taylor has several exciting initiatives in the works, including website revisions and staff additions, but the crowning jewel is an upcoming book set to release in August. Though the title is still being discussed, the content is set in stone.

“The book is an in-depth look at how we play this retirement game and just how do we manage this thing. There are so many game changing moments in life from graduation to marriage to parenting, all the way to the ultimate game changer – retirement,” he said.

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