Greg Herlean Empowers Clients And Audiences To Take Control of Their Financial Futures

Henderson, NV – November 9, 2011 – Greg Herlean, President of Horizon Trust Company believes in giving powerful financial knowledge to his clients and speaking audiences.

Herlean has spent the last ten years becoming an expert in wealth accumulation in order to equip his clients with his financial strategies. Herlean helps clients with capital restructuring, investment research analysis, business projection analysis and managing and directing their funds. He has governed and impacted over $200 million in Real Estate transactions.

In the past ten years Herlean has bought and sold over 500 homes, four hotels and three apartment complexes. In his first Nevada trust custodial company in 2007, Herlean went from inception to managing over $95 million in just over 24 months.

As the President at Horizon Trust Company, Herlean helps clients take control of their retirement funds so they can start making better returns. His passion is to educate people so that they can self direct and invest in projects they know and understand—everything from Trust Deeds and Mortgages to Private Stock to Publicly Traded Securities.

This approach to retirement funds is unusual. Greg explained, “Financial advisors never tell clients to self direct because then they don’t get paid.”

Currently there are over 72 million IRA account holders in United States and only 4% self direct funds. The major reason for this is because most people are not educated on how to self-direct—many rarely know it is even an option.

“Many people think they cannot do anything with their money. They think you have to be wealthy to get wealthier. This is not true! They just need the right tools to take advantage of what they think only the wealthy can do.”

Herlean’s message resonates with both clients and speaking audiences because he teaches them how to leverage the money they already have. His message does not require participants to spend more money or start a new career—he simply wants them to know how their money can work for them.

Herlean hopes to become a leader in the industry educating people on self-directing.

With Herlean’s financial expertise and insightful business design methodology coupled with his keen marketing strategies and grounded operational management conventions there is no doubt that Herlean’s message will continue to reach the masses.

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