Georgia DUI Attorneys Give Rave Reviews For Dave Cox’s Winning DUI Cases Seminar

DUI Analyst and Consultant, Dave Cox, recently held several DUI Seminars throughout the state of Georgia, helping DUI attorneys increase their courtroom success.

Boise, ID – March 19, 2013 – Recently, Dave Cox from Your DUI Pro located in Boise, Idaho traveled to Georgia and presented several “Winning DUI Cases” Seminars across the state. Dave visited Athens, Augusta, Columbus and Atlanta to deliver the seminar to some of the best DUI attorneys in Georgia. Attorneys were taught how to win DUI cases using NHTSA Manuals and advanced cross-examination techniques.

The attorneys who attended Dave Cox’s DUI Seminar, “Winning DUI Cases” offered some glowing reviews about their experience. Here are testimonials from some of Georgia’s best DUI attorneys:

“Dave Cox’s Winning DUI Cases Seminar took me from being a DUI Defense Lawyer who “knew enough to be dangerous” to actually knowing more specifically how to attack these cases with confidence.”

Scot Sikes – Columbus, Georgia

“Fantastic presentation.  A very practical approach to holding officers accountable for appropriately testing allegedly impaired drivers.  The depth of knowledge of Mr. Cox was impressive, drawing on numerous materials, trial experience, and, of course, his own experience in law enforcement.”

Jason Johnson – Cartersville, Georgia

“It is like drinking water out of a fire house.  Unbelievable amount of information.  A must for attorneys who defend DUI cases.”

Ty Wilson – Lawrenceville & Savannah, Georgia

“This seminar truly gives you the information and tools to improve your representation of clients and successes in doing so.  The seminar also gives you the skill to use the information in its most effective manner. Simply excellent.”

Stu Miller – Atlanta, Georgia

“Great course.  Wealth of information.  Mr. Cox is outstanding – very knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend this seminar.”

Vanessa Flournoy – Augusta, Georgia

“Taking this seminar has definitely added to ‘my bag of tricks!’”

Robert Speer “The Magic Lawyer” – Woodstock, Georgia

“Very good presentation of a highly important area that is litigated – both in criminal and civil cases.”

Mark Bergeson – Atlanta, Georgia

“The most in-depth, practice-centered CLE I have ever attended.”

Milledgeville, Georgia

“Best DUI Seminar I have ever taken.”

William Marcum – Augusta, Georgia

“Excellently done.”

Dock Davis – Franklin, Georgia

“Great seminar.”

Percy Blount – Augusta, Georgia

“Well done!”

Gregory Perry – Commerce, Georgia

Dave Cox, DUI Analyst and Consultant, has personally trained thousands of attorneys across the United States. Dave is a former police officer and, during his career, he was recognized as one of the top DUI officers in the country. As an officer, Dave was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert, the highest level of training available to DUI enforcement officers. Dave now specializes in training attorneys how to easily and effectively use the officer, the officer’s training, and the officer’s NHTSA Manuals to win DUI Cases.

In the upcoming weeks, Dave Cox will be presenting his DUI Seminar to attorneys in Washington and Indiana. Dave will be visiting the cities of Federal Way, Bellingham, Everett and Seattle, WA; and Bloomington, Evansville, Terre Haute and Indianapolis, IN. To register for upcoming seminars, please visit

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