George Mateljan Featured in USA Today and Other Major Media Outlets

George Mateljan, philanthropist and healthy food expert, was recently featured in USA Today as well as major online media outlets, including Yahoo!Finance, Morningstar, CNBC, MarketWatch and many others.

Kihei, HI – July 31, 2012 – George Mateljan, Founder of Health Valley Foods, was recently featured in USA Today with other leading financial professionals from around the world as one of America’s PremierExperts’® “GameChangers.” A feature story about George Mateljan was also recently seen on the online home pages of major publications such as Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Morningstar, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others.

As seen in the USA Today feature:

George Mateljan is an expert on healthy eating and the new healthiest way of cooking, a health advocate, a best-selling author (read by millions), and a philanthropist who has dedicated his life to helping people eat and cook more healthfully.  Do a Google search for “healthiest way of eating” or “healthiest way of cooking” and up pops George’s name and free website,, which boasts more than two million visitors each month who are looking for advice and information about a healthy eating a cooking lifestyle! Thousands have personally attested to success in improved health and weight loss with the help of George’s website and book, World’s Healthiest Foods, as powerful resources for a healthy eating lifestyle and, most importantly, making god-for-you foods taste great!

Mateljan has authored six books, his most recent best seller being, The World’s Healthiest Foods.  The over eight-hundred page book has become a reference staple for nutrition conscious individuals world-wide as well as being a book recommended and used by professors at multiple universities.

According to Mateljan, “Thousands who have purchased the book and followed the eating and cooking recommendations have reported significant health improvements including lower cholesterol, resolved blood sugar issues, and weight loss.”

Mateljan invites the world to take advantage of all the free information contained on the George Mateljan Foundation website ( and to download for free the first chapter of his best-selling book, The World’s Healthiest Foods.  The book can also be purchased through the website.   Mateljan’s other books include, Weight Loss Success – Without Dieting, Cooking Without Fat; Baking Without Fat; Healthy Living Cuisine; Healthier Eating Guide; Natural Foods Cookbook; and The Healthiest Way of Cooking with George DVD.

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