Gary Heldt, Jr., Owner of Small Business Advisors, Breaks The Mold Of Typical CPA’s

Gary Heldt, Jr., Owner of The Maryland Based Accounting Firm Small Business Advisors, Breaks The Mold Of Typical CPA’s With Hands On, Year Round Dedication To Customer Service

Gambrills, MD – June 23, 2011 – Breaking every possible stereotype any of us have ever harbored about what an accountant or CPA is supposed to look and act like, Gary Heldt Jr., owner of Gambrills, Maryland based Small Business Advisors, transcends even the catch-phrase at the top of his website that reads “More Than Just an Accountant.”

Small and bookish? The charismatic 6’3”, 275 lb former college football player matches his “gentle giant” persona with a commitment to not simply recording history, but helping his clients write it. Emotionally detached, barely accessible by phone and only available during tax season? SBA’s proactive attitude, complete menu of tax help and accounting services and the personal year round relationship with his individual and corporate clients sets a unique industry standard for customer service. Combined with the firm’s high standards and specialized staff, these dynamic qualities have driven Small Business Advisors’ growth over the past 11 years to five times the clientele and revenue that the company was generating when Heldt acquired it in 1999.

Considering that Heldt’s goal when he bought the original practice was to double the size of its business, SBA is on a pretty powerful trajectory. Though he started advertising in the past year, the company built most of its current clientele of 750 personal tax clients and 250-300 small businesses by word of mouth and bringing that personal touch to their mastery of payroll, taxes, consulting and bookkeeping. Currently in an expansion mode, Heldt recently hired an additional, year round CPA and is bringing in additional staff members—with an eye towards doubling business over the next two years.

He is a contributing writer to the Best Selling Book called “Breaking The Tax Codes,” which features chapters by eight other high profile CPAs and accountants. Heldt’s chapter focusing on writing off meals and entertainment expenses is called “Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Document, Document, Document.”

The basic principles of how SBA serves its clients can be found on the home page of its website, where the key line is “It doesn’t matter how good your tax accountant is with a stack of receipts on April 15.”


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