Gabriela Humailo, Founder and President of the non-profit I CHOOSE – I AM NOT A VICTIM, Best-Selling Author® and Mindset Coach, Writes About The Love From Which No Man, Woman Or Child Can Ever Be Exempt.

Gabriela Humailo, Founder and President of the non-profit I CHOOSE – I AM NOT A VICTIM, Inspiring Mindset Coach and Best-Selling Author, asserts that not any man, woman or child on the planet is exempt from love or from the power to choose thoughts and beliefs.


ORLANDO, FL – July 30, 2020 – Gabriela Humailo, Founder and President of the non-profit, I CHOOSE – I AM NOT A VICTIM, and co-author of Think Big, with Brian Tracy, has posted a new article on her website entitled, “No One Is Exempt From Love,” in which Gabriela says, “whether you know it or not,” and explains her mission is to help men and women around the globe come to know the truth of who they really are.


Gabriela writes, “Here in the U.S., no one is exempt from paying taxes unless they are living below the poverty line.” She then poses a question, “Well, what if I were to tell you that no one – and I mean No One — on the entire planet is exempt from the love of the Creative Intelligence that created all things?” She further states, “No matter how little money you have or how much money you have. No matter your skin color, sexual preference, gender, whether you are single, married, or educated, you are not exempt from the love of the creative principle that creates all life. Whether you are spending your life in a prison, a convent, monastery, or psychiatric institution, you are not exempt from LOVE.” She emphasizes, “Whether you know it or feel it or not, you are Loved.”


As Gabriela goes on to explain, “Life is given equally to every human being on the planet. Some –– myself included –– call this Creative Intelligence ‘GOD.’ Whatever you choose to call it,” she adds, “It is the same energy that creates galaxies. That energy flows through every living being. The only reason we think otherwise is because of our Beliefs. We have been taught to think and believe certain ways about ourselves, life in general, and other people.”


According to Gabriela, “You are not exempt from love, whether you know it or not, and, likewise, you get to choose what to think and believe whether you currently know it or not.” She continues adding, “If you feel as though you are exempt – meaning excluded from having, doing or being what you want to have, be, or do – it’s time to examine your closely held beliefs. When you believe in something just because you were taught to, it doesn’t mean it is true.” Gabriela states, “Suffering is a result of believing in ideas that are not true. There is no need to suffer when you deliberately examine and choose your thoughts. If you are suffering in any way,” she says, “in any aspect of your life, it’s time to examine what you think about repeatedly.”



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About Gabriela

 Gabriela Humailo’s purpose is to help women and men who know the feeling of being a victim to change it with one of a victor, through the Power of Choosing. Gabriela shares with them how and what to choose to take control and redesign their life, how to think in order to live a free, happy, harmonious and fulfilled life, and how to become confident in themselves – for both them and those in their personal and professional life. She also shows you how to begin to (re)discover and (re)construct Your Identity and Values.


Gabriela practiced this way of living through I CHOOSE for more than 45 years, and her family and friends considered her a “rebel” because of this way of building and rebuilding her life, but this choice helped her go forward by smiling through life. This way of thinking gave her the confidence and the right attitude to build and rebuild herself into a happy person and have a free, successful, and fulfilled life, and also helped her to cross over the unhappy moments – inevitable in the journey through life.


Gabriela moved from Europe to the US and opened a non-profit company, I CHOOSE – I AM NOT A VICTIM, because she believes in The Power of Choosing WHO You Want To Be Or Become. Gabriela, as Founder and President, wants this company to become the legacy she began to build and knows that it will be a long journey, but she is dedicated to living the rest of her life for that.


Gabriela learned the “Life as a Volunteer” experience in 1990 from the ROTARY CLUB, Carmaux, France, where she was involved for two years as a translator for humanitarian actions in Romania. What members of the French Club did for those “unknown people” of her country marked her for life!


Gabriela lived and traveled in many countries in Europe, as well as in Nigeria, Africa, influencing the lives of those around her.


Gabriela graduated as a Licensed Economist in Finance, Bank, and Stock Market from Bogdan Voda University, Faculty of Economics Sciences, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She collaborated for 19 years with ING Life Insurance Romania SA, and 11 years with ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam, Bucharest Branch, as an Owner and Business Manager of an ING Bank Franchise – the first banking franchises from Romania.


During 26 years of entrepreneurial experience, she built six companies in different areas, all starting from nothing, then developed and sold them.


The multiple experiences of working with thousands of people, both employees and business clients, combined the personal skills of coaching, communication, and training of sales agents with the managerial and leadership skills, and formed her as an excellent motivator and inspirational leader, knowing that any business grows through the people that work for it.


Gabriela is certified in Life and Business Coaching, and also is a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker Certified by John C. Maxwell.


She is a Best-Selling Author with Brian Tracy in his new book, THINK BIG, and is a certified member of The National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers in the United States.


To connect with Gabriela:
• For Coaching Programs: [email protected]





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