Full Service Independent Insurance Agent G. “Tulie” Martinez Brings Policies, Passion And Love To Her Clients

The Renowned Retiree Advocate, Shares Her Financial Wisdom on FirstCoast.TV, Helps People Protect Their Savings From Rising Healthcare Costs, Taxation and Economic Fluctuations

Jacksonville, FL – December 18, 2015 – Facing an uncertain future after moving to Florida following 15 years as a legal assistant in California, G. “Tulie” Martinez was working in Leesburg, Florida when a customer showed her an ad for an insurance sales job. Encouraged, she applied, earned her insurance license and started her career in April 2004, out on a bottom rung, selling prescription drug discount plans.

She added selling Medicare supplements to her portfolio of plans, relocated to Ocala and then to Jacksonville, Florida, Here she became a full-fledged agent and within a few years, rose to become a Top Five insurance agent under her mentor, Jason G., the manager at the Jacksonville location, four years in a row. In 2007, she launched her own agency TMC Insurance Services. By 2011, she left the captive agency and became an independent agent, and in 2015, she rebranded as Martinez & Associates.

In 2011, she felt her career in insurance was over. She met a fellow insurance agent named Nestor Sala, Founder of Compass Group Insurance in Fernandina Beach, FL, who encouraged her to let go of her past disappointments and reassured her that there were many insurance companies she could affiliate herself with. He helped get her appointed with health and final expense insurance carriers and his confidence gave her the cemented desire to continue her career.

The Guatemalan born, who came to the U.S. to find and live the American Dream, has long dedicated her “holistic” approach by addressing folks multitude of needs by evaluating the most critical areas in Retirees’ plan: (1) Health Insurance and Prescription Medication Costs;( 2) Budget and Debt Management; (3)Remaining independent throughout retirement (LTC); (4) Avoiding taxes on wealth transfer (life insurance); and( 5) Guaranteeing that they never run out of money (Fixed and Indexed Annuities).

As anyone who watches her hard hitting weekly informational “Retirement & You” segments on the online platform FirstCoast.TV (Jorge Rivera) can attest, Martinez goes above and beyond on behalf of her clients. Driven by a passion for helping folks utilize insurance to close their Retirement gaps, she has become a widely recognized retiree advocate who helps people protect their savings from rising healthcare costs, taxation and economic fluctuation. She also has strategic alliances with an elder law attorney, a CPA, a property & casualty agency, an independent home health care agency and a credit repair and budget agency, for those clients that need it.

Tulie’s love and compassion for people is equaled if not surpassed by her lifelong affinity for dogs. She is perhaps the only full service insurance agent in the U.S. whose passion for rescue and housing of canines has its own Face book Page, The Guatemalan Doggie Mansion. It was formerly a two bedroom house which her father, San Juan, converted into a giant doggie mansion housing new and older dogs, with personalized comfy kennels, a huge yard with a doggie pool, lots of doggie toys, keeping them safe, fed and happy.

Tulie’s passion also comes from being brought up in hard times and watching her grandmother run a small business in times when women were not successful. She utilized what she was great at, cooking meals and helping strangers and neighbors during tough times. Her grandmother never turned anyone away if they were hungry or needed shelter.

Now, financially supporting her mom, Victelia and dad, San Juan, during their aging years, she wants to help everyone by educating them on events that change as we age, and prepare for a “Fantastic Florida Retirement”. Tulie lives with her boyfriend, Joe and her daughter, Krystal, who share her dreams and inspirations.

Today, Tulie is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®; she networks with Compass Group Insurance, The Downtown Business Professional Group and The River Club. She is a consultant/mentor with insurance concepts for various independent agents and broker firms as well as a volunteer at the Nassau Animal Shelter. She is a former member of the University Club, North Florida Senior Alliance, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, the Jacksonville Professional Woman’s Council, the Melrose and Keystone Heights Woman’s Club.

Read More: www.TulieMartinez.com

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