Former Tulsa County D.A. Chuck Richardson Carries On His Father’s Legacy

Former Tulsa County D.A. Chuck Richardson Carries On His Father’s Legacy As Managing Partner Of The Largest Plaintiffs’ Law Firm In Oklahoma

Tulsa, OK – June 30, 2011 – Charles L. “Chuck” Richardson credits his father, Gary, for instilling in him a lifelong passion to help those that have suffered at the hand of Big Business. It was that passion Chuck brought to his stints as a prosecutor and his tireless work as a personal injury attorney. “Dad’s background explains a lot of where his own desire to look out for the little guy comes from,” he says. “He was a sharecrop farmer’s son in Rio Hondo, Texas, and his bedroom was a screened-in back porch. In that humble environment he saw the iniquities done to the ‘have nots’ by the ‘haves’, and cultivated an innate desire to rise up and make a difference.”

In the seven months during 1989-99 that Chuck Richardson served as Tulsa County D.A., the versatile attorney implemented key policies such as increasing the recommendation on
criminal sentencing and implemented policy to better evaluate the filing of criminal charges.
His focus included more severe sentences and/or lengthier sentences for crimes involving violence, children, the elderly, drugs, robbery, and burglary.

In 1999, however, he decided to return as Senior Partner to the firm now known as
Richardson Richardson Boudreaux Keesling to help carry on the legacy of his father, Gary, who
founded the firm in 1985 after a stint as U.S. Attorney in Eastern Oklahoma, appointed by
President Reagan. Serving now as the Managing Partner, Richardson is currently working 125 cases. His areas of specialty include medical malpractice, product liability, personal injury, class actions, pharmaceutical, brain injuries, bad faith claims against insurance companies, surgical injuries, and discrimination with an emphasis on litigation.

The firm’s team of nine attorneys, led by Chuck Richardson and his partners, includes
lawyers who have been voted Oklahoma Super Lawyers, members of the Oklahoma Lawyers
Million Dollar Club, members of the Oklahoma Lawyers Multi-Million Dollar Club, and others
included on the Who’s Who Among Lawyers. They have collectively won over a dozen eight-
figure verdicts and settlements, and hundreds of six and seven-figure awards. One $58 million
dollar verdict was, at the time, the largest-ever award in the history of the United States for
defamation. The RRBK firm is currently the largest plaintiffs’ law firm in Oklahoma.


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