Forex Trader and Trainer, Nehemiah Douglas, Featured On MarketWatch


Founder of Vision Trading Network, Nehemiah Douglas, was recently featured on MarketWatch as well as major online media outlets including Yahoo! Finance, Los Angeles Business, and SeekingAlpha.

Pasadena, CA – February 7, 2016 – Financial investment consultant, Nehemiah Douglas, was recently featured in an article seen on MarketWatch as well as notable online publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Select, Los Angeles Business, and SeekingAlpha, among many other news outlets.

30986839565_e53ace37e7_k-copyA portion of Nehemiah’s feature is below:

Like a lot of entrepreneurial minded teens who opt for college but are restless to get out in the real world and start making a difference, Nehemiah Douglass, founder of Vision Trading Network, spent most of his time at Arizona State engaged in upstart businesses – including throwing parties for students and putting on concerts in local clubs. A year after dropping out, the Kansas City native – dedicated to being successful in everything he was passionate about – launched a mobile app.

Laying the foundation for his current niche as a forex trading expert, Douglass spent the first three years of his career in accounting and finance, which gave him an empowering overview of how banks and financial institutions operate. He learned that the foreign exchange market, which includes buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices, is the largest market in the world in terms of volume of trading,. Once he saw the vast potential for profit, he was hooked.

Excited to learn more and share his experiences with equally passionate traders, Douglass got involved in forex social media groups online. In mid-2015, he connected with his Canadian based future partner, and began to share ideas and send trade signals, which are alerts to buy or sell at the optimal time. These Skype conversations got his entrepreneurial wheels spinning, and soon they decided to brand themselves and launch Vision Trading Network, LLC.

 Prior to 2017, Douglass and his partner sent their students to brokers that they had been personally using. Early this year, however Douglass took his business to the next level with the launch of his own brokerage firm, Illuminated Markets, Ltd.

“I am happy to have put something out into the world that has benefited so many people and will continue to benefit more,” he says. “I want to see our #1000LivesChanged movement completed by summer 2017, and from there, see how far we can take this!” 

Douglas’s story is being featured across various outlets to highlight his accomplishments and share his inspirational road to success. His journey has led him to be considered a leader in the foreign exchange trading and consultancy industries. Through its media distribution, his story will reach an international audience, enabling him to help even more people with his expertise.

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