Fitness Expert Odhran McCorry Helps His Clients Experience Radical Weight Loss In Northern Ireland

Newry, UK  – July 17, 2012 – Odhran McCorry, founder and owner of Personal Best PT in Newry, has distinguished himself as a leading Personal Trainer in Northern Ireland.  Specializing in one-on-one training and small group training, he is helping his clients achieve phenomenal results in weight loss.  He obtained his Bachelor of Science with Honors Degree in Exercise and Sports Science and has also obtained his Gym Instructor Certification, Level 3 Personal Trainer Certification, Precision Nutrition Certification, and Turbulence Trainer Certification.  There are less than thirty trainers in the world who hold the Turbulence Trainer Certification, and he is the first Personal Trainer in Northern Ireland to obtain this credential.

McCorry states, “We have a new facility that people will fall in love with.  It’s not a conventional gym.  We have hard, intense thirty minute workouts.  Our non-conventional workouts result in non-conventional results for our clients.  Most people don’t change their shape when they go to traditional gyms.  My client’s get much better results than they would on their own or at a traditional gym.”

According to McCorry, the secret to rapid weight loss is really no secret at all.  It is a matter of doing the right things consistently.  He has a unique way to guide his clients through the process of rapid weight loss while making it fun and leaving them with the desire to come back and keep progressing toward their goal.

McCorry is the author of The 7 Day Fat Flush Diet, which he offers free to clients and is available on his website along with a free e-book titled, Rapid Fat Loss.  He is also a contributing writer at and  By the end of this year McCorry plans to have one or two other trainers working with him, anticipates creating an online rapid weight loss program, and is looking at doubling the size of his current facility.  Additionally, this year he will finish his qualification for the UK Strength and Conditioning Certification to become a Certified Strength Coach.   Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, he is being featured as one of the World Fitness Elite in The Independent in the UK and in USA Today in America.

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