Fitness Expert Odhran McCorry Featured in The Independent and USA Today With “World Fitness Elite”

Odhran McCorry, Newry fitness expert, was recently featured in The Independent, USA Today and several major online media outlets, including Yahoo!Finance, Morningstar, CNBC, MarketWatch and many others.

Newry, UK – October 31, 2011 – Odhran McCorry, founder and owner of Personal Best PT in Newry, was recently featured in The Independent and USA Today with other leading fitness experts from across the world as one of the “World Fitness Elite: Trainers of the Year.” A feature story about Odhran McCorry was also seen on the online homes of major publications such as Yahoo!Finance (UK and US), CNBC, The Boston Globe, CBS Moneywatch, Morningstar, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others.

In The Independent, Odhran was asked for his best tip on health, fitness and nutrition. Odhran remarked, “An old Chinese proverb states, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. The importance of this first step is critical, as it is the first step to improved fitness and a better life. I empower you to declare your intention to get fir to friends and family and take that first step, you will not regret it.  However, please don’t fall into the trap that many people do and give up at the first hurdle when you don’t get the ‘quick fix’ you were hoping for.  Sticking to a regime makes you more likely to get great results that can be maintained long term. Don’t jump from program to program, instead stay consistent and you can look forward to a great new body and improved energy levels.”

Odhran McCorry, founder and owner of Personal Best PT in Newry, has distinguished himself as a leading Personal Trainer in Northern Ireland.  Specializing in one-on-one training and small group training, he is helping his clients achieve phenomenal results in weight loss.  He obtained his Bachelor of Science with Honors Degree in Exercise and Sports Science and has also obtained his Gym Instructor Certification, Level 3 Personal Trainer Certification, Precision Nutrition Certification, and Turbulence Trainer Certification.  There are less than thirty trainers in the world who hold the Turbulence Trainer Certification, and he is the first Personal Trainer in Northern Ireland to obtain this credential.

McCorry is the author of The Be Your Personal Best Diet, which he offers free to clients and is available on his website along with a free e-book titled, Rapid Fat Loss.  He is also a contributing writer at and

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