Fitness Coach and Former Marine Tony Maslan Raises The Bar For Clients, Companies and Audiences With His Innovative Approach To Physical, Nutritional and Lifestyle Health

Evansville, IN  – December 26, 2011 – As one of the top Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and the founder of Custom Fit Personal Training in Evansville, Indiana, Tony Maslan has reached hundreds of clients to help them take control of their health and lifestyle.

Maslan’s groundbreaking programs aim to achieve maximum fitness and weight loss results in less time. His company also works with corporations to help them attain measurable results with their wellness programs. Custom Fit Personal Training and Maslan’s techniques have been recognized as a premiere model in the fitness industry. In 2011 Maslan was picked by Evansville Living Magazine as the Best of the Best Trainer and in 2009 Maslan was selected as the Member of the Year by the Net Profit Explosion community (NPE)—a leading company in the fitness industry that helps trainers with their business management, sales and business acumen.

Maslan grew up in the small town of LeRoy, Illinois before attending University of Evansville and joining their power lifting team. Maslan competed on their national championship teams and set the Junior American Deadlift Record with a lift of 611 lbs in the 181 lb weight class.  He has also competed in 3 bodybuilding contests winning one individual title and one mixed pairs title. In 1997, Maslan graduated from the University of Evansville with a bachelor’s degree in biology and went on to work as a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at both the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

In 2004, Maslan temporarily left his path in fitness to serve as sergeant in the United State Marine Corps Reserves and Infantry Squad Leader in Iraq as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Maslan returned and started Custom Fit Personal Training in 2005. Quickly, his business exploded to having over 15 personal trainers. Maslan has a number of programs through his company including corporate wellness programs, workshops and seminars. Maslan’s techniques have produced raving clients; Traci Harrison lost 70 pounds in 6 months and 100 pounds overall working with Custom Fit!

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