Financial Services Expert, Perminder Chohan Says A Company’s Health Plan is A Lure for Loyal Employees.

Inspiring, award-winning business leader and financial services expert, Perminder Choban talks about the value of a company offering comprehensive insurance choices to employees that will take care of them and their dependents for every eventuality.

Perminder Chohan photoRICHMOND, VANCOUVER BC– July 15, 2015– Award-winning and inspiring business leader and financial services expert, Perminder Chohan has posted a new article on the Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network website entitled, “Well Thought Out Insurance Coverage Attracts Loyal Employees.”

Excellent insurance coverage is the real lure for many high quality employees in today’s corporate culture.

According to Mr. Chohan, “Providing healthcare coverage for your company’s employees is not only a sign of good stewardship, it is a legal responsibility. However, providing a choice from among a comprehensive range of insurance products and services that takes care of your company’s plans’ members is a sign of exceptional businesses.”

Chohan writes, “Every employee deserves the ability to choose coverage that protects them and their dependents in the event of illness, accidents, extended absence from work and death.” He continues adding, “As you review or interview insurance providers, it is important to realize that all insurance providers do not have the ability to offer a fully comprehensive range of products and services.”

“If you are responsible for your company’s insurance,” Chohan advises, “when it comes time to review your current plans or to look for a provider that offers a full range of services you certainly want to select a company known for its stability and strength with a long history of exceptional service.”

According to Chohan, “The various areas you’ll want to consider include insurance in case of death, accident or critical illness. That would require a company being able to provide Life insurance, Accidental death and mutilation insurance as well as coverage for Critical illness insurance to include cancer, paralysis, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.”

It hasn’t always been the case, but at Chohan states, “Today, a company’s medical coverage is a benefit that employees look at before deciding to accept a position. Your offering could mean the difference between attracting high quality, loyal employees and a high attrition rate. Most desirable company’s health insurance plans cover medical and dental costs.”

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About Perminder Chohan

Mr. Chohan started his career in the financial services industry when he joined a Registered Education Savings Plan company in 1998. In six short months, he became their number one agent nationally. In 2003, Mr. Chohan expanded his career spectrum and started in the life insurance industry. Since then he has been instructional to over 200 agents in their career training and development. In 2009, Mr. Chohan joined Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network as a managing director. His office has since proliferated with great business success.

Under Mr. Chohan’s leadership, the financial centre received multiple top awards from the network in categories such as recruiting, business growth and total sales for a centre with less than 50 associates. As of beginning of the fall this year, Mr. Cohan’s team once again leads in sales, recruiting and growth.

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