Financial Recovery Expert Attorney Kevin Heupel Helps Hundreds Find Debt Relief

In today’s world of financial uncertainty, Attorney Kevin Heupel is leading the way to help his clients through zero down filing and a money back guarantee.

Denver, CO – January 17, 2013 – Financial Recovery Expert and Debt Relief Attorney, Kevin Heupel, founder of Heupel Law, a Colorado based firm, is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services at affordable prices.  Being the only law firm in Colorado offering a money back guarantee, Heupel and his staff pride themselves in giving their undivided attention to their clients and offers the efficient and personalized service one expects from a highly reputable law firm. Their staff of several attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are knowledgeable about resolving financial problems faced by three out every four Americans today.

Heupel Law is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, and the prestigious American Consumer Bankruptcy College.  As a leading firm in bankruptcy filings within the entire state, Heupel Law has established itself as a trusted source for individuals looking for direction as a result of experiencing financial difficulty.  They fully understand that struggling with debt is a difficult thing to go through and the options available can be confusing.

Heupel comments on the financial situation in America today, “Today, more than three out of every four American families are in debt according to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances. A recent survey found that debt is a leading source of stress for Americans. When people are dealing with mountains of debt, they’re more likely to have health problems, too. Life without debt is liberating. Some people think debt is the result of spending too much money on material things and living beyond one’s means, however, that simply is not true. Most people have too much debt for reasons beyond their control. People get into debt due to medical issues, job loss, failed business, pay cuts, or some other unexpected life event. Typically, people get into debt through no fault of their own.”

Heupel continues, “Many people have an incorrect view of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is your legal right to get out of debt. It’s not a crime, it’s a federal law. There are many ‘solutions’ advertised in the market place today. There is credit counseling, debt settlement, loan modifications, offers in compromise, creditor defense, and even bankruptcy. The irony is bankruptcy is usually seen as a ‘last resort,’ but in many cases it’s the best solution to an overwhelming debt issue. Talking to a qualified attorney should be the first step you take to determine if bankruptcy is the best solution in your particular situation.”

Heupel has been able to help hundreds of people get a fresh start from overwhelming debt and has helped them save their homes from foreclosure.  Within the first two years of his practice he became the number one filer of bankruptcy cases in the state of Colorado.  He has successfully built a sustainable business and plans to continue to focus on business growth by opening additional offices in other states to eventually obtain a national presence.

He is regularly featured on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox Television networks, appeared as a guest on the Brian Tracy Show and also has been featured as an expert on radio programs discussing consumer related concerns and specialized topics such as foreclosures.  He is the contributing author to an upcoming book to be released later this year and plans to write additional books related to financial recovery.  He also plans to speak at various venues throughout the country on subjects pertaining to helping people get out of debt and rebuilding their financial life.

Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding success as a lawyer, Heupel is being featured as one of America’s Legal Elite in USA Today.  Additional information about Heupel and the Heupel Law firm can be found at


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