Financial Prosperity Coach™ and Author P. Christopher Music is Evolutionizing the Financial Services Industry Through Econologics®

As a leading financial planning expert, P. Christopher Music has developed a methodology that will enable households to achieve an optimum financial condition.

Clearwater, FL – January 25, 2013 – Financial Prosperity Coach, P. Christopher Music, MBA, RFC, CWPP, CAPP, is the founder and President of Econologics Financial Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Clearwater, Florida.  He is also the founder of Econologics Institute, his financial education company.  For over two decades Music has evaluated the science of financial planning and has developed the next evolutionary phase of his industry in what he terms “Econologics.”  Briefly described, Econologics is an innovative financial planning and wealth preservation system designed for private-practice health care professionals, but scalable to anyone who is motivated to obtain an optimum financial condition in their household in the most effective way possible.  His firm is the exclusive provider of the Econologics Road Map™ and the Econologics financial planning methodology.

Music explains the term “Econologics,” “If you look at the word ‘economy’ in the ancient Greek, it means ‘management of a household.’ ‘–logy’ means ‘study of’ and  ‘-ikos’ means ‘practices or skills.’  So, ‘Econologics’ is literally ‘the study of the practices and skills of the financial management of the household.’  I coined that word to differentiate the type of financial planning I do as distinguished from the financial planning done by others.  The basics of Econologics defines that there is a predictable, consistent, objectively measurable result that someone would achieve in doing the Econologics financial planning process.  It is a well-defined Optimum Financial Condition.  Econologics takes nine elements of a person’s financial life and defines what the ideal state would be in each of those nine areas to focus primarily on creating an income, being intelligent about how we spend our money, and protecting ourselves from losses so that one’s financial goals can be achieved without going backwards.”

Music continues, “The ‘client’ has never really been defined by the financial community.  The client is the household.  The household is the senior entity, or parent company, to every other asset that household owns, whether it’s a small business, a retirement plan, real estate, or bank accounts.  So, obviously you will want to manage those assets like a company would manage assets they own to maximize profits and minimize risk.  The ultimate goal of Econologics is to continually have the household be in an updated and optimal state of operation.”

Music believes his Econologics methodology is a next step in the evolution of financial planning.  He explains, “Historically, in 1969 financial advisors began helping people start to set aside money by developing a long term strategic financial plan.  In 1983 the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP) determined they needed to refine the financial planning method and launched a six-step process.  Econologics seeks to be the third generation of financial planning technology – it is a much more comprehensive, scientific and effective system.  The end result of financial planning should be an improved household financial condition.”

Recently, Music has rolled out his Financial Success Guides for professionals in the healthcare community which are available in print on Amazon and in e-book format on his website.  He is a contributing author to the upcoming book, More.Better, writing the chapter, How to Become a Millionaire in Private Practice.  He is also authoring another book, Results Based Financial Planning – An Introduction to Econologics.  In addition to conducting quarterly Econologics Seminars, he is often called on to speak for various business associations.  His writings have been published in various journals and Internet sites.

Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, Music is being featured on The Brian Tracy Show, which was seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates across the country.  He has also been named one of America’s Business Champions in Newsweek Magazine.  Additional information about Music, Econologics Financial Advisors, and Econologics Institute can be found at or


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