Financial Prosperity Coach™ and Author P. Christopher Music Featured in Forbes Magazine

P. Christopher Music, financial prosperity expert, was recently featured in Forbes as one of America’s PremierExperts.

Clearwater, FL – March 1, 2013 – Financial Prosperity Coach, P. Christopher Music, MBA, RFC, CWPP, CAPP, the founder and President of Econologics Financial Advisors, was recently seen in Forbes with other leading professionals as part of a feature called “America’s PremierExperts® Presents: Forecasts & Strategies For the New Year & Beyond.” In the Forbes feature, Christopher Music and other leading experts from various industries were asked for their “top tips on health, wealth and success to help you thrive in the New Year and beyond.”

Mr. Music remarked, “People underestimate the vital importance of a personalized financial plan. The right plan using a logical, scientific approach can align your most valued lifetime goals and purposes with your current and future financial resources. Without clear goals and a results-based plan to achieve them, your most valuable commodities of time and money will default to the path of least resistance.”

Christopher is known for asking the question “How does one achieve predictable, objectively-measurable and optimal financial conditions as a result of engaging in the financial planning process?” Frustrated with the unpredictable and sometimes disastrous outcomes from inconsistent financial advice, he founded the subject of Econologics®, Results-Based Financial Planning® to standardize and codify the next evolution in financial planning results for America’s households.

Christopher is the Founder of the Econologics Institute, a financial education company providing books and courses on the subject of Econologics to the public as well as acting as a certifying body for the Certified Econologics Specialist™ designation for qualifying financial advisors.  He is also President of Econologics Financial Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor, serving the financial prosperity needs of private practice professionals nationwide through the implementation of the Econologics Road Map™ financial plan.

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About P. Christopher Music:

Christopher is a 20-year veteran of the financial planning profession and the author of industry-specific Financial Success Guides for Private Practice Physical Therapists, Veterinarians, Optometrists and Dentists.  Christopher is also a co-author of the upcoming business book, More.Better.: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results. Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, Music was featured on The Brian Tracy Show, which was seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates across the country.

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