Financial Expert and Advisor John Convery Featured in Newsweek

John Convery, retirement planning expert, was recently featured in Newsweek as one of America’s PremierExperts.

West Palm Beach, FL – February 3, 2013 – John Convery, Founder and CEO of The Educated Wealth Center, LLC, was recently featured in Newsweek with other leading professionals as one of America’s PremierExperts’® “Financial Trendsetters.” In the Newsweek feature, John Convery and other leading financial experts were showcased for their forward thinking and successful strategies for wealth management, retirement planning, wealth building and much more.

Here is what Mr. Convery had to say in the Newsweek feature:

What makes us a trendsetting firm is that we show retirees how to thrive and not just survive in retirement. The key consideration here is cash flow and managing the longevity risk so you will always live an abundant retirement lifestyle. Most financial professionals want to speak to their clients about price per share and how to allocate their money into investments that involve risk reward. We like to educate our clients on the new platinum standard, which is Growth Without Risk. It all begins with education, which is our commitment as is emblematic in our name, as well as being an advocate for our clients thereafter.

As founder and CEO of The Educated Wealth Center, LLC in West Palm Beach Florida, John describes himself as an advocate and educator for retirees. “You shouldn’t have to lose sleep at night wondering if you’ll have enough to live comfortably. There are proven strategies that align your resources properly to ensure you will always have enough” he says. One of those proven strategies lies in knowing how to use annuities to ensure a constant flow of income – a pitch that isn’t always popular.

When advising his clients, John Convery lists the safest types of investments: certificates and deposits with certain banks, US Treasury Notes, Fixed and Indexed Annuities. The problem with all of those investments, he says, is that interest rates are so low that “you die a death of a thousand cuts.” Indexed Annuities are the notable exception. “We like to see clients using indexing so they can benefit from the gains of the market without risking the losses. Over time, indexing should allow them to keep their incomes in pace with inflation.” However, he warns, “it’s not going to allow you to make a fortune in the market. But over time, it should allow you to outperform inflation. If you can accomplish that, then you’re going to be alright.” Modest goals for a modest time, but in a market this volatile, feeling financially secure is worth a fortune.

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