Financial Advisor Richard Jordan Offers Helpful Tips To Build Your Best Retirement Plan

Financial Advisor Richard Jordan discusses three straightforward strategies to help families grow towards a stronger financial future.

Plano, TX – March 7, 2013 – Richard Jordan, Founder of Fortress Estate Solutions, recently discussed how time impacts your retirement money, and offers ways to help build a strong retirement plan.

“I find that time, math and money rarely move in the same direction,” remarked Richard Jordan. “It is quite strange because the whole idea of compounding interest and capital appreciation are based on a rate of return compounded over time. In fact, the math for appreciation is based on four variables: Present Value, Future Value, Rate of Return and Time.”

“Logically, time, money and math should be aligned and making retirees (and soon–to-be retirees) money – right?”, asked Richard. “Well, Maybe. If you take risk with your money values can go up — but they can also go down. Market historians and verified data offer long term rates of return that are very attractive over long periods of time like 30 years, but when the economy gets rough, money can (and has been) lost in very short periods, which is not helping folks and their families grow towards a stronger financial future. In fact, the vast majority of people lost about 50% twice on their investments in the stock market over the last 13 years, and the stock market is only now getting close to it’s heights reached 6 to 13 years ago.”

Richard Jordan offered three simple strategies that can help those who are saving and planning for retirement stay on a responsible path:

  • Diversify between many different types of assets – Avoid biases such as, “I only invest in mutual funds, or just stocks and bonds,” and do not build in a bias towards products you may not understand, such as: “I don’t believe in life insurance.” Allow yourself to be open to all asset class possibilities – they all have a lot of merit in a well-designed plan to help get you steady returns on your overall portfolio.
  • Do not try to time anything yourself. Instead build a great plan based on sound retirement planning principals and then stick with it. Allow time to work for you and do not allow your emotions to work against you and your money. Otherwise, you will be like 92-96% of investors, who buy high and sell low!
  • Take the time to review your assets at least annually. Keep track of where you are, what you have and where you want your retirement planning to go. That is the ultimate key to utilizing time and achieving planning success.

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About Richard Jordan:

Richard Jordan is the Founder of Fortress Estate Solutions, pllc and has been in the financial field for more than 20 years. Right out of college, Jordan started working with ITT’s corporate group, which included Hartford Insurance. In just five years, he rose quickly in positions within the company from district to regional management and then into a 21 State Area Director.

Three years ago, Jordan started to share his views on financial planning on the radio. He started at a local station in Dallas and after tripling the audience for the show in six months time, he started doing a show for CBS radio in Dallas for KRLD 1080 in 2012.

Fortress is one of only 4 percent in the United States that is a pure fiduciary investment advisor firm. The remaining 96% of registered investment advisors work for or are broker dealers who collect commissions on investment products they recommend, which creates a conflict of interest for their clients.  Fortress is strictly a fee-based fiduciary advisor firm and it can only make higher fees when their client’s investments make more money.

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