Financial Advisor Peter D’Arruda Unveils How To Avoid Overpaying For Life Insurance

Cary, NC. –Financial Advisor Peter D’Arruda informs life insurance policy holders that they may be paying as much as 70% too much for their life insurance.

The life insurance industry has a standardized pricing system called the Commissioners Standard Ordinary Mortality Rates (CSO).  The most recent study was conducted in 2001.  Prior to this study, the last prices were calculated in 1980.

“Over this 20 year gap, the table represents a 30 percent reduction in policyholder cost,” said Peter D’Arruda, President of Capital Financial Advisory Group, LLC. “This reduction could be even higher depending on when your policy was put in place.”

D’Arruda informs that while the study was done in 1980, the lower prices were not implemented until 1988. Policyholders that bought insurance during the lapsed time period may actually be paying an even higher rate.

“Bottom line, there are a lot of policies that are priced better in the market,” said D’Arruda. “The best way to ensure against over paying or getting less than you’ve paid for is to get a life insurance policy review completed by a knowledgeable advisor.”

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About Peter D’Arruda:

Peter D’Arruda is a Registered Financial Consultant & Investment Advisor. He is the author of three popular financial books and his radio show, “Coach Pete’s Financial Safari” is heard weekly on radio stations throughout the country.

D’Arruda is a highly sought after speaker and each year he educates area investors and financial professionals by holding seminars open to the public. He also attends several advanced planning industry meetings each year to continue improving his knowledge base.

D’Arruda has been in many national articles and publications such as Forbes, CNBC, Fox Business Network, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, SmartMoney, among others.

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