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Charles Winfrey was recently featured on and other major online media outlets, including, MarketWatch, Yahoo!Finance and many others.

Brentwood, TN – July 2, 2014 – A feature story about Charles Winfrey, Founder of The Rollover Company, was recently seen on the Bloomberg Businessweek website as well as the other major online publications such as, The Boston Globe,, Los Angeles Daily News and Yahoo!Finance, among many others.

As Founder/CEO of The Rollover Company, Winfrey has done estate, income and investment planning to help clients accomplish four things: preserve their capital, increase their income, avoid estate taxes and protect their estate values. Both of his parents were lifelong educators, so working with soon-to-retire and retired teachers was a logical foundation for him to build a clientele on. But he has also advised physicians and business owners approaching retirement, as well as retired employees of AT&T, NES, General Motors, Nissan, HCA, Vanderbilt, Ford, Bridgestone and many others.

Those who have worked with Winfrey have achieved lower tax bills, eliminate taxes on their social security income, increase their fixed monthly income and obtain better protection for their financial future. Working with a clientele of predominantly (but not limited to) African-Americans in his home state of Tennessee as well as North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Alabama, Colorado, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Maryland, he has counseled hundreds of people on how to avoid the common investment mistakes made by most retirees.

Winfrey has shared his vast financial knowledge in a variety of media platforms. Starting in 2005, he began hosting “The Charles Winfrey Show” on Nashville’s 760 AM (WENO), The Gospel. Nationwide, Winfrey is best known as the author of the 2013 book Seven Secrets To Financial Success. In the book, he offers encouragement to those who may feel that their life circumstances have left them in a hopeless financial rut. He busts the popular myth that tells people of a certain age that they have to earn six figures to retire wealthy, adding, “what your CPA, attorney and financial advisor may have missed can cost you thousands of dollars per year.”

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