Finance Expert Greg Watson Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With “Get In The Game”

Greg Watson recently hit seven best-seller lists with the new book, “Get in the Game.”

Boat Harbour, NSW, Australia – March 16, 2015 – Greg Watson, Founder of The Investor Hub recently joined a select group of business leaders from around the world, along with TV pioneer Kevin Harrington (Original shark from Shark Tank) and renowned money expert Loral Langemeier, to co-author the book titled, Get in the Game: The World’s leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals reveal how YOU Can Get off the Sideline and Start Improving Your Health, Wealth and Lifestyle! The book was released on February 26, 2015 by CelebrityPress™ – a leading business book publisher.

On the day of release, Get in the Game reached best-seller status in seven categories – reaching as high as #1 in three categories: “Direct Marketing,” “Marketing for Small Business” and “Business Marketing.”  The book also reached best-seller status in the “Marketing,” “Marketing & Sales,” “Small Business & Entrepreneurship” and “Business & Finance” categories. Greg Watson contributed a chapter titled “More Time, More Money – The Art Of Leverage.”

Greg Watson is a seasoned finance expert who specialises in helping his friends and clients create more time and more money in their lives by successfully leveraging their personal, professional and financial lives.  After 15 years on the corporate ladder in Australia, in the year 2000 he stepped sideways out of corporate life to start his own consulting business, later transitioning into a mortgage broking and financial planning franchise before establishing an independent brand, The Investor Hub, in 2011.

Greg’s philosophy is on creating win-win in every circumstance, and creating lasting partnerships for his clients with both himself and other professionals to ensure that clients are supported and served with absolute integrity throughout their freedom journey.  Greg focuses on sustained relationships that bring lasting benefits to everyone involved.  In keeping with his philosophy around personal leverage, he is very much an advocate for appropriate specialists advising clients on their specific area of expertise, rather than creating a one-stop-shop or one-size-fits-all mentality.

His objective is to create more prosperity through the application of leverage. To date, he has helped hundreds of people improve their position through his financial services businesses, and he is committed to expand that reach both as that business continues to expand and through programs designed to educate people around the possibilities for leverage in all aspects of their lives.

CelebrityPress™ describes the book:

The everyday expression “Get in the game!” is frequently used as an invitation to join an ongoing activity. Used in this book, it is an invitation to be part of a successful business group or activity. Success in life in general, or in business in particular, is measured by different people in different ways, but it is generally interpreted as the overcoming of difficulties to accomplish a goal.

Overcoming difficulty is a good reason for us to celebrate, and the CelebrityExperts® in this book can help you succeed. What they have in common is the proven ability to move over, around or through a problem in a desired and productive direction in a quest to accomplish their goals.

After such a successful release, Greg Watson will be recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists.

Click HERE to order a copy of Get in the Game: The World’s leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals reveal how YOU Can Get off the Sideline and Start Improving Your Health, Wealth and Lifestyle!

A portion of the royalties earned from Get in the Game will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.

More About Greg Watson:

Greg holds both undergraduate and Masters Degrees in Economics from Australia’s Macquarie University, specialising in monetary and financial economics, as well as subsequent professional qualifications in mortgage broking and financial planning, and is an accredited Mortgage Adviser.  He also has an eclectic professional resume, including business, banking and economic analyst roles at the Australian central bank and other financial regulatory bodies, Chief Financial Officer of an independent mutual bank, and 15 years as a consultant and mortgage broker in his own businesses.

Greg is married to Dinah (who is also his business partner), and they live in Nelson Bay, Australia.  Together they have three children – two adult sons, and a teenage daughter.  Greg’s favourite pastimes that he likes to pursue with his leveraged time are fishing, gardening and cooking, as well as a life-long obsession with the gentle sport of rugby union.

You can connect with Greg at:

[email protected]

About Celebrity Press™:

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