Finally, The Truth About Annuities!

Plano, TX. – Financial Advisor Richard Jordan reaches out to clients and the community to inform them of the benefits and dangers of owning annuities.

Jordan advises that annuities can be a great “safe money asset” to own.

“Banks sell them, brokerage house representatives sell them, the guy who insures your car can probably sell them, too,” said Richard Jordan, Founder of Fortress Estate Solutions.  “But the real question is, are annuities any good for you, your money and your retirement? And if they are good, who is qualified to find you the right one for your unique retirement planning situation?”

When consumers are considering an annuity, it is essential that they get complete disclosure in order to make an informed decision.

Variable annuities, lifetime immediate annuities and indexed annuities all have their pros and cons that may not be visible to the naked eye.

“Don’t buy into an offer that defies logic,” said Jordan. “A good safe money advisor will know how to select the best annuities and help you find the best options after carefully considering the benefits and costs to each one.”

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About Richard Jordan:

Richard Jordan is the Founder of Fortress Estate Solutions and has been in the financial field for more than 20 years. Right out of college, Jordan started working with ITT’s corporate financial group, which included Hartford Insurance. In just five years, he rose within the company from district to regional and then multi-stage manager.

Two years ago, Jordan started to share his views on financial planning on the radio. He started at a local station in Dallas and after tripling the audience for the show in six months time, he started doing a show for CBS radio in Dallas for KRLD 1080.

Fortress is one of only 4 percent in the United States that is a pure fiduciary investment advisor firm. The remaining 96% of registered advisors work for or are broker dealers who collect commissions on investment products, which creates a conflict of interest for their clients.  Fortress is strictly fee-based and cannot make more fees if their client doesn’t make more money.

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