Field Service Company REO RESQ™ Founder, Frank Patrick, Gives 6 Reasons Why Property Preservation Business is Hotter Than Ever

Frank Patrick, founder of mortgage field service and property preservation franchise REO RESQ™, writes how foreclosure clean out jobs continue to increase, making property preservation one of the hottest business opportunities around. 

Scottsdale, Ariz. – March 22, 2010 – Frank Patrick, one of the country’s top property preservation and mortgage field service experts, recently penned an article explaining why property preservation will continue to be the biggest foreclosure business opportunity around – and will grow even faster in the months to come.  In the article titled “The Property Preservation Business Opportunity: 6 Reasons Why It’s Hotter Than Ever,” Frank discusses how it’s easy and fast to get into the business, how banks have a huge ‘shadow inventory’ of foreclosed homes and how the foreclosure rate will continue to rise.

“If you live near a high-foreclosure area, you will find yourself in immediate demand if you establish yourself as a professional, responsible property preservation company. That comes from having the proper training – and once the national master contractors who hire mortgage field service companies are aware of your reputation, you could find yourself working from Sunday through Saturday if you want, just to handle all the properties that require servicing,” wrote Frank Patrick.  

“Once you learn the basics from a trained professional, foreclosure trash-outs are easy – and you can also hire and train additional crews to do your work for you and expand your business quickly.  What makes all the difference is having the proper training to successfully start a property preservation business,” Frank continued.

Frank Patrick also emphasizes how his nationwide franchise, REORESQ™, is helping entrepreneurs all across the country start up and successfully operate property preservation franchises.  Founded with his brother Scott, they have already trained many franchisees and launched incredibly successful property preservation careers for people who had never done that kind of work before. 

In addition to being the founder of the property preservation franchise REO RESQ™, Frank Patrick is also the founder of American Society of REO Specialists™ (ASREOS). Patrick has recently been featured in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today for his expertise and success in the REO Sales and REO agent training industry.

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About REO RESQ™:

REO RESQ™ was begun by two brothers with the perfect blend of credentials – one with an extensive background as a top REO broker, the other with years of experience in construction.   Starting as a small family business in Kansas City, Missouri, REO RESQ™ offered property preservation and default management services to banks, lenders, asset management companies and REO agents.

In the past five years, the success of REO RESQ™ resulted in it becoming the first nationally franchised company providing comprehensive property preservation and asset management services for REO properties.  REO RESQ™ provides the full spectrum of Property Preservation services including:

Inspect – occupancy and property condition inspections

Secure – lock changes, lock box installation, evictions, board ups

Preserve – winterization, emergency repairs, pool service

Prepare – trash & debris removal, janitorial service, landscaping

Repair – repair of minor health and safety issues, code violations

Maintain – ongoing lawn care, maid service and pool maintenance 

REO RESQ™ guarantees quality work delivered on your schedule to get your REO listings “ready for market” – and looking their best for a quick sale.  All our franchisees are fully licensed and properly insured – and trained by REO field service experts to provide the level of property preservation service that you desire.  We strive to limit your out-of-pocket expenses while providing world-class service.

REO RESQ™ understands your business – because it’s our business. 

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About Frank Patrick:

Frank Patrick began his real estate career in 2000 after a 12-year stint in corporate America as a sales manager.  As a new real estate agent Frank knew that he wanted to find a niche within the real estate industry.  After months of research Frank decided to specialize in REO, an acronym for bank owned foreclosed homes.  Frank quickly became one of the top REO agents in the nation averaging over 100 transactions per year for the last 9 years.  In 2007 Frank’s production soared to over 214 sales.

In 2004 Frank and his brother Scott Patrick started a property preservation company to offer maintenance and repair services to banks with foreclosed homes.  Frank’s solid understanding of the REO industry and Scott’s 20+ years in the construction business was a recipe for success.  This year their property preservation business is on track to gross over one million dollars in revenue.  Today Frank manages his REO Real Estate Brokerage, REO Renegades an REO agent training business, his trade association The American Society of REO Specialists and is developing a national Franchise Property Preservation company, REO ResQ.

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