Fat Loss Expert Bryan Kavanagh Joins The Image Fitness Personal Training Course and Provides Advanced Workshops In The ABS Gym In Dublin.

Bryan Kavanagh, physique transformation specialist, has joined Image Fitness Training as a Tutor and will now offer personal training courses at ABS Gym.

Dublin, Ireland – March 13, 2013 – Bryan Kavanagh, the founder and owner of ABS Gym in Dublin, Ireland, has joined with Image Fitness Training to teach on their course and help raise the caliber of personal trainers being qualified in Ireland. He is also offering advanced workshops for personal trainers looking to boost their fitness training career in The ABS Gym. As an expert in personal and online training and nutrition, Bryan has clients in over ten countries that have sought him out because of his knowledge and the results his members are able to achieve.

Image Fitness Training has some of Ireland’s best and most successful Personal Trainers, Fitness course Tutors & Industry Leaders to deliver the NEFPC – a breakthrough syllabus leading to the highest European Health & Fitness Association accredited qualifications available in Ireland.

“If you’re looking to make a major change to the direction of your health and fitness-coaching career, want to learn a load of absolutely amazing knowledge, skills and abilities that’ll put you head and shoulders above 99% of the fitness industry look no further,” remarked Bryan.

Bryan’s advanced fitness training courses that he is launching in conjunction with joining the Image Fitness Team will be the first offered by ABS Gym. After expressing reluctance to most personal training courses, Bryan has found Image to be a top-notch organization that is forging a new path for fitness training.

Recent blogs by Bryan explain his thinking and why he believes this will be a great benefit for fitness trainers in Dublin. Read Bryan’s blogs and find out how you can apply for these courses at http://theabsgym.com/personal-training-courses-dublin/ and http://theabsgym.com/personal-training-courses-dublin/personal-trainer-courses-in-the-abs-gym-in-dublin/.

Bryan writes, “If you’re serious about learning to become a top-notch coach in a highly professional environment, learning an amazing array of specialized assessment, training and nutritional skills and developing a knowledge, skills and abilities base second to none then the program I’m offering to a select group of coach interns in 2013 may be just what you’re looking for.”

Learn more about Bryan Kavanagh and ABS Gym at http://theabsgym.com/

About Bryan Kavanagh:

Bryan has been a Certified Personal Trainer for ten years and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has also obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors in Sports Science and Health from Dublin City University. (BSc.)

While his certifications are those of a Personal Trainer, Kavanagh prefers the title of “Coach” because a coach is someone who helps you win and Kavanagh has built a reputation of helping his clients win. His clients don’t just lose pounds, they undergo transformations. He has a very dynamic and athletic style to his training and he teaches his clients to have the mindset of an athlete regardless of their training goal.

He has also written articles for Natural Muscle, Muscle Bulletin, Muscle Prodigy as well as Fitness Star Magazine. Kavanagh has been a speaker at the Fitness Entrepreneur Boot Camp and has shared the stage with other well-known fitness and nutrition experts such as Alwyn Cosgrove and Phil Richards as well as being contracted by universities as a consultant.

The ABS Gym is a personal training studio located in Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

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