Fashion Expert And Entrepreneur, Ulrich Kellerer Featured In MarketWatch


Fashion Expert And Entrepreneur, Ulrich Kellerer Featured In MarketWatch 

Ulrich Kellerer was recently featured in MarketWatch and other major online media outlets, including New York Business Journal,, and Yahoo! Finance. 

ulrichkellererMunich, Germany – November 21, 2016 – A feature story about Ulrich Kellerer was recently seen in MarketWatch as well as other major online publications such as New York Business Journal, Los Angeles Business,, Yahoo! Finance, and major network affiliates across the country among many other outlets.

Ulrich Kellerer’s decades of success in the fashion industry seemed destined from his earliest days living on a farm south of Munich, Germany – but it’s his current emergence as a talented storyteller, book writer and inspirational speaker that is giving his life a deeper meaning and purpose. After years of helping others look amazing, these endeavors are allowing him to have an impact on people he could never meet if he hadn’t ventured beyond the world of fall/spring collections and runways.

When he and his wife Inge took over the distribution of CLOSED in Bavaria in 1998, the now thriving international denim fashion brand was at rock bottom, and he changed the distribution model. Committed to the success of the company, they developed a solid team and began developing the brand.

While he still enjoys working in the admittedly superficial world where he made his mark, Ulrich’s real joy and potential for mini-miracle making lies just across the street. One life changing hour per week, he leaves his showroom of “princesses who have been to Paris, Rome and Milan” and heads across Osterwaldstrasse to the nursing home where his mother lived in the years before her recent passing. Ulrich has found his deeper calling there as a storyteller to elderly people.

Ulrich’s choice of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books for inspiration was hardly random. Even before he embarked on his adventures at the nursing home, Ulrich was eager for some new creative challenges at midlife. In 2012, he came to Philadelphia to attend a Bestseller Blueprint seminar with Jack Canfield (a top success coach and creator of the “Chicken Soup…” phenomenon) and marketing expert Steve Harrison.

Ulrich was inspired by Canfield’s story (which included over 100 publisher rejections) and decided to try his hand at writing officially for the first time. The result was a dynamic chapter in The Soul of Success, an anthology of stories and business strategies by top entrepreneurs, headlined by Canfield himself. Naturally, Ulrich’s chapter drew metaphoric wisdom and life lessons from his decades in the fashion industry. He called it “It’s All About Fashion – There is No Second Chance For Your First Impression!”

At their first meeting, Canfield told him that penning a single book isn’t as effective or as lucrative as creating a series like he did. This sparked a fresh concept Ulrich calls the “One Moment Can Change Your…” series. For the first volume, One Moment Can Change Your Life, the author got stories from several of the elderly folks he reads to at the nursing home. He also relates true-life tales he got from family members and friends. In an effort to develop a parallel career as an inspirational public speaker, Ulrich has taken training with top vocal trainer Roger Love (Madonna, Eminem, Jeff Bridges) and had a video recorded of himself talking before 450 people.

“On a personal level,” he says, “these writings are part of my desire to start a second life for myself with a new career beyond the fashion industry – finding new ways to help people, just as everyone can do something to make the world a better place. These elderly folks have given me so much just by listening. It will be my privilege to tell some of their stories in my book.”

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