Exercise and Strength Training Franchise SuperSlow Zone Prepares For US Expansion By Leveraging Ten SuperSlow Zone Locations

Madeline Ross, CEO of exercise franchise SuperSlow Zone, LLC, announces the successful completion of SuperSlow Zone owners as Level II Instructors and preparing for Level III

Orlando, Fla. – July 28, 2010 – SuperSlow Zone, LLC, is proud and excited to announce that it awarded eight, and soon to add two more, SuperSlow Zone owners with a Level II status by completing a rigorous seven-month education and certification program. This pre-stages the next step in which these same SuperSlow Zone® owners will complete the status of Level III – Qualified Certifier.

“Our education programs and certifications are governed by the International Association For Continuing Education and Training  (www.IACET.org), the most prestigious, global accrediting organization, and two SuperSlow® Masters, Dan Carter of Scottsdale, Arizona and Ryan Womack, of College Station, Texas,” said Madeline Ross, Founder and CEO of SuperSlow Zone®.

“Because we run with the ‘global, big dog companies/organizations’ that are accredited by IACET, with USA examples such as the American Physical Therapy Association, National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control and, Duke University Medical Center, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Corporate University, GE Healthcare, etc. our standards are very high and consistent,” continued Ross.  “This select group of SuperSlow Zone® owners took eight CEU courses totally 9.5 hours of class time, taught one CEU course, passed written and oral exams, and completed a writing assignment to be used as they now teach for our Institute. When you combine this with the fact they are successful SuperSlow Zone® owners, you have the best of all world – they know where the rubber hits the road by producing tremendous client satisfaction and results blended with expanded knowledge and skills.”

About the rigorous IACET standards, Madeline Ross said, “Important fundamentals of our program are the education and leadership from Dan and Ryan, our two SuperSlow® Masters, and peer-to-peer assessments of each student’s performance each class, both of which sharpened their overall knowledge development, practical application and their skills for giving and receiving effective feedback. Additionally, these Level IIs already are, or will, be teaching for our institute. Building our knowledge-base wide and deep with successful, competent SuperSlow Zone owners is critical. Our IACET accredited program, and it’s challenging, high standards, is particularly important at a time when the public consistently encounters a personal training industry that can be an ungoverned, non-accredited, unsafe, ‘hey – I’m just like you’… free-for-all.”

“With the support and expertise of our two SuperSlow® Masters, Dan and Ryan, each Level II student had the opportunity be educated and assessed by the very BEST, a combined nineteen years of our SuperSlow® Master’s experience,” continued Ross.

As these ten SuperSlow Zone® owners advance to Level III – Qualified Certifier, SuperSlow Zone® will be adding ten additional certifying centers throughout the US. This is particularly important for SuperSlow Zone’s focus on the corporate wellness market through two strategic partners, who have a combined 18 years in the corporate wellness segment.

For More info on SuperSlow Zone® visit http://www.SuperSlowZone.com

About SuperSlow Zone®, LLC:

SuperSlow® personal strength training celebrates a 27-year history of helping people achieve optimal strength and health in minimum time. SuperSlow® is the original, accredited, high-intensity, low-force strengthening exercise protocol. It was created and developed out of a $3.2 million osteoporosis study in 1982 at the University of Florida, School of Medicine.

SuperSlow Zone® is a distinctive health and exercise franchise that exclusively delivers SuperSlow® strength training to busy people of all ages throughout the world.  SSZ has locations in retail center and medical practices. They are currently developing in corporations with their corporate wellness program. Clients/patients achieve and maintain strong, healthy and attractive bodies through a 20-minute work out, two times a week, in an ideally cooled and ventilated, distraction-free, clinical exercise environment. SSZ ensures that a Certified SuperSlow® Instructor is focused on achieving and sustaining client results. Other options available include healthy eating coaching for optimal weight and health goals. http://www.superslowzone.com.

SuperSlow Zone® is accredited by the prestigious IACET (http://www.iacet.org).

IACET also accredits the American Physical Therapy Association, National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control and, Duke University Medical Center, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Corporate University, GE Healthcare and many others. SSZ achieved and maintains this accreditation to ensure the highest standards of service and care for its clients.

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