Entrepreneurial Success Coach and Top One Mentor of the Year Catherine Newton Inspires and Empowers Thousands of Business People Around The World With Her Kiwi “Can Do” Spirit And Ability to Facilitate Breakthroughs In Positive Thinking

Aukland, New Zealand – March 6, 2013 – Fully embracing her unique role as an Entrepreneurial Success Coach and award winning mentor, Catherine Newton – founder of Catherine Newton International and co-author of the new book “Think and Grow Rich Today” – cites a single alarming statistic that has fueled her mission these past six years to help thousands of business people throughout the world to be more, do more, have more and rethink what is possible in their lives.

“We are a direct by-product of our thoughts,” says the New Zealand based speaker and educator. “From my years of extensive research, I have learned that we have approximately 80,000 thoughts per day, and for the average person, 80 percent of those are negative. One of the things I practice constantly and teach my clients to do is shift those thoughts past the barriers that prevent us from thinking positively about our business or our life. In order for people to shift the paradigm so that they can start making more money and attract the life of their dreams, they need to change the way they think.

“If you want different results,” she adds, “you need to ignite that change at the level where your results are created in the first place. You need to change your mind. You see, mindset is the basis of ALL economic success.

Newton, a longtime Law of Attraction practitioner and truly an embodiment of the renowned Kiwi “can do” spirit, brings an expansive and eclectic resume – school teacher, Chinese antiques dealer, winning salesperson and highly sought after personal life coach – to her multi-faceted global business and practice.

Embodying her branding line “Transforming You From Possibility to Profit,” the charismatic mother of two teenagers coaches, mentors, and speaks passionately about growing your business & creating wealthy lives ‘The Illogical Way’ shedding agreements that keep you stuck so you can make more money doing what you love! As a motivational and business speaker, since 2007, Newton has addressed over 5,000 people—from her home country to the U.S.—on leadership, marketing, business and personal growth, using the universal principles of Napoleon Hill (author of the classic “Think and Grow Rich”) to create success. As an educator, Newton – who launched her teaching career in her hometown of Tauranga and taught at the International School of Beijing – has worked with more than 2,000 students worldwide.

Named International Mentor of the Year at last year’s Top One Awards in Los Angeles, Newton also serves as mentor to leaders and high achievers, imparting her expansive business expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help their companies grow and thrive.

Newton’s many endeavors have also led her to share her experiences, insights and inspiration in bestselling books. In addition to her recent title “Think and Grow Rich Today” – which will have her attending the International Best-selling Author Awards in Hollywood, CA in September 2013 – she is the co-author of the Amazon bestseller “Over-comers, Inc. and author of the training systems “Your Life Enriched,” “Gain Clarity, Clients and Cash-flow” and “Your Money Blueprint.”

Following the completion of her latest training, Newton teamed up with Bob Proctor, master guru of thought leadership who is one of the most sought-after professional coaching speakers in the world, a teacher in the popular film “The Secret” and one of the living masters and teachers of the Law of Attraction. Now Catherine is living her dream by sharing her knowledge, while standing on the shoulders of giants such as Bob Proctor.

“What I’ve done is taken decades of research into human potential and coupled it with my passion for opening people’s minds to techniques that power success and therefore propel the bottom line,” says Newton.

“This has led me to deliver transformational keynotes, seminars, retreats and Mastermind groups internationally. My gift is helping people grasp exactly how to create wealth in their personal and professional lives with ease and show them how to find their smoothest path to be, do, and have the lifestyle they seek, while achieving a higher level of success. After all, we are holistic beings – we cannot separate our business success from our personal success. We learn how to fix one aspect of our lives and we create happiness in other areas too.”

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