Emergency Preparedness Expert Larry Frank a.k.a Mr. Prepared™ Unveils eBook on Survival Strategies

Mr. Prepared™ recently released an eBook about strategies to help families survive any natural disaster.

 Orlando, Fla. – November 18, 2008 – In addition to an ongoing series of special reports, emergency preparedness expert Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared™, is now offering an eBook on his website, http://www.MrPrepared.com, called “Top 50 Ultimate Survival Secrets: The Ultimate Survival Guide for You and Your Family to Survive ANY Natural Disaster.” 

 This comprehensive emergency survival guide covers topics such as earthquake survival, flood survival, hurricane survival, tornado survival and wildfire survival.  The eBook also includes a chapter about Mr. Prepared himself.  The eBook is valued at $49.95, but is currently being offered on the website for $19.95.

 Mr. Prepared™ is one of the country’s most outspoken advocates of preparedness for all forms of disasters and unexpected emergencies.  Mr. Prepared™ urges families and individuals to be prepared for any and all emergency situations through planning, communication and stocking the necessary survival kits, including food, water and generators. 

 Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared, said, “Having my new eBook is an act of preparation in itself.  Having this comprehensive survival guide in one place and easily available for reference is the first step in preparing your family for dealing with disasters or emergencies.  My hope is that families will read this together, and start preparing their household for anything that can come along!”

 Also on his website, Mr. Prepared™ presents preparedness education, gives advice and offers a variety of emergency, disaster and survival kits.  The website acts as an online hub for information regarding emergency and disaster preparedness.  Families visiting the website will learn how to better prepare themselves and their home to withstand any disaster or emergency by learning from Mr. Prepared™.   Mr. Prepared™ also rates products on his “3P” system so families can know what they need to stay prepared.

 For more information about Mr. Prepared™, and to order a copy of his Ultimate Survival Guide, please visit http://www.MrPrepared.com.

 About Mr. Prepared™: 

Mr. Prepared™ is the alter ego of Larry Frank, a self-described, “preparedness junkie.” After creating My Emergency Card® and spending many years as Chief Preparedness Officer (CPO) educating friends and family about the principles of preparedness, Larry realized that his message could ultimately help many if he were to take it to the internet.  Thus, MrPrepared.com was born.  MrPrepared.com is a website dedicated to teaching people of all ages how to be better prepared and serves as a central outlet where visitors can get all of the supplies they need to stay safe and prepared.  For more information and to purchase a copy of Mr. Prepared’s Ultimate Survival Guide eBook, visit http://www.MrPrepared.com


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