Emergency Preparedness Expert Larry Frank a.k.a Mr. Prepared™ Reveals Advice From Gustav Survivors

Mr. Prepared™, emergency and disaster preparedness expert, reveals advice from Hurricane Gustav survivors in a recent article published on his website.

 Orlando, Fla. – October 5, 2008 – In a recent article on http://www.MrPrepared.com, emergency preparedness expert, Larry Frank a.k.a. Mr. Prepared™, offers several points of advice from survivors of Hurricane Gustav.  The article titled “Hurricane Evacuation Secrets” chronicles the preparedness and actions of several people who learned lessons from Hurricane Katrina and applied them to the recent slew of hurricanes to hit the Gulf Coast. They were more than eager to share what they did right – and what they did wrong – in their emergency evacuation preparations. An extremely popular and timely feature on Mr. Prepared’s™ website, is his free special report called “The Top 10 Facts For Hurricane Survival.”

 Mr. Prepared™ highlights advice about where to stay during an emergency, how to help kids through an emergency, keeping copies of valuable documents, and keeping a journal of the emergency situation.  In the article, Gustav survivor L.E. McNutt says that, when evacuating, you should “avoid hotels. Stay with family, friends, campgrounds, anything. Only as a last resort should you lock yourself into a box with nothing but two beds and non-stop cable news coverage of the hurricane.”

 Mr. Prepared’s™ new website, http://www.MrPrepared.com, acts as an online hub for information regarding emergency and disaster preparedness.  Families visiting the website will learn how to better prepare themselves and their home to withstand any disaster or emergency by learning from Mr. Prepared™.   Mr. Prepared™ also rates products on his “3P” system so families can know what they need to stay prepared. You can even ask Mr. Prepared™ himself for advice.  The website also features tips and suggestions ranging from advice on generators, pet preparedness, hurricane preparedness, and reserve food packs.

 For more information about Mr. Prepared™, please visit http://www.MrPrepared.com.

 About Mr. Prepared™:

 Mr. Prepared™ is the alter ego of Larry Frank, a self-described, “preparedness junkie.” After creating My Emergency Card® and spending many years as Chief Preparedness Officer (CPO) educating friends and family about the principles of preparedness, Larry realized that his message could ultimately help many if he were to take it to the internet.  Thus, MrPrepared.com was born.  MrPrepared.com is a website dedicated to teaching people of all ages how to be better prepared and serves as a central outlet where visitors can get all of the supplies they need to stay safe and prepared.  For more information and to download a copy of Mr. Prepared’s Top 10 Facts for Hurricane Survival visit www.MrPrepared.com


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