Edward Storer, President and Founder of Edward Storer & Associates, Offers Solutions to 3 Common Social Security Problems

Greenville, SC— July 25, 2016— Edward Storer, President and Founder of Edward Storer & Associates, published a new blog post entitled, “Solutions for 3 Common Social Security Problems.” In the post, he provides solutions for 3 Social Security problems claimants tend to run into as they try to understand their benefits.

ed storer photoIn response to the problem of returning to work after claiming Social Security benefits, Storer says, “If you should choose to go back to work after receiving Social Security payments between the ages of 62 and 65, some benefits will be temporarily withheld. For those 65 and younger, the earnings limit is $15,720 in 2016. Benefit withholding kicks in for any earnings over that threshold. That is, $1 in benefits is withheld for every $2 earned over the limit. If you turn 66 in 2016, however, the earning limit is $41,880, and the temporary benefit withholding decreases to $1 for every $3 earned over the earning limit. After you turn 66, there won’t be any withholdings and your benefits will be recalibrated to account for any previously withheld payments and any additional income.”

Edward Storer is President and Founder of Edward Storer & Associates located in Greenville, South Carolina. Edward is a financial wealth strategist, an independent fiduciary, Certified Tax Coach, investment advisor, insurance advisor, and a retirement and estate-planning specialist. For more than 25 years, he has been helping clients plan “to and through retirement.” Edward Storer & Associates has been in business since 2003 and serves the greater Greenville area.

Read the whole blog post here. http://www.edwardstorer.com/solutions-for-3-common-social-security-problems/

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