Dr. Shahab Anari Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Co-Author New Book

Dr. Shahab Anari will team with Brian Tracy and several leading experts from various industries to release the new book, “Ignite Your Life: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secrets to Ignite Your Health, Wealth and Success” by CelebrityPress.

shabob anari photoToronto, Canada – January 4, 2015 – Dr. Shahab Anari has joined Brian Tracy and a select group of experts and professionals to co-write the forthcoming book titled, Ignite Your Life: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secrets to Ignite Your Health Wealth and Success. Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., the leading agents to Celebrity Experts® worldwide, recently signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress™ imprint.

Ignite Your Life is tentatively scheduled for release in early 2016.

About Dr. Shahab Anari:

Dr. Shahab Anari helps his clients build a memorable authentic Personal Brand. He trains his clients how they can systematically stand out from their competitors and become recognized as the trusted go-to expert among their audience. Having 15 years of experience as a coach and speaker, Shahab has the natural gift of making complex procedures easy to follow and implement. Through his books, workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements, he has reached out to more than 1.5 million individuals and helped them on their path to success.

“My greatest joys in life have always been learning and teaching. I used to be a very inquisitive child who was in the habit of taking things apart and failing to put them back all together. The interesting thing was that my mom rarely told me off for this behavior and actually attributed what I did to the fact that I was intelligent and I always wanted to know more. For this reason, I developed a keen interest in learning and studying. At school, I was a really good student, almost always being in the top 3 in my class. I used to study hard and actually enjoyed it. In 1997, I entered the best medical school in the country. This achievement led to people coming up to me and asking me to help their kids with their studies. And so I did! While being a medical student during the day, I started teaching and coaching students in the afternoons, and after a while, I started making a name at it. Encouraged as I was, I began reading books on the topic of personal development and started trying to figure out what I used to do unconsciously that brought about my good results. I gradually realized I didn’t like to be a medical doctor and I decided that was definitely not something that fired me up to go to work every morning. So I devoted all my time to coaching and speaking, and after 5 years, I was fully booked for the next year! I was invited to hold workshops and speak at events and seminars, which ultimately ended in me writing several best-sellers, appearing as a guest expert on TV programs, and, finally, starting my own Personal Branding and Personal Development business in Canada.” 

Among Shahab’s many achievements are having been chosen as one of America’s Premier Expert in 2015, receiving the Editor’s Choice Award from Celebrity Press for his contributions to the upcoming book: Ignite Your Life, having come first among 1,200,000+ candidates for the nationwide University Entrance Exam in his home country in 1997, leading more than 100 seminars for audiences of 3 to 3000, and being the author of 13 books with more than 1.5 million copies sold. Shahab is based in Toronto, ON, Canada right now.

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About Celebrity Press™:

Celebrity Press™ is a leading business, health and wellness book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press™ has published books alongside Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Robert Allen and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields. CelebrityPress™ has helped launch over 1500 best-selling authors to date.

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