Dr. Darold Opp Writes About the Value of Good Online Patient Reviews for a Successful Dental Practice

Dr. Darold Opp, founder of Advanced Family Dentistry and “SmilePalooza!” recognizes that free online patient reviews are part of a dental practice’s successful marketing strategy.

ABERDEEN, SD – September 28, 2015 – Dr. Darold Opp, DDS, founder of Advanced Family Dentistry and SmilePalooza!, recently posted a blog on his website entitled “How’s Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation?”  in which he focuses on the value of online patient reviews.

Darold OppOpp writes, “It’s becoming more and more apparent that an online reputation is an exceptionally valuable asset for a dental practice. So many younger patients and newcomers to an area look for online reviews before making a decision about dentists, doctors, professional services of all kinds and of course restaurants.” He continues adding, “These reviews serve as inexpensive out-of-the-box marketing to attract new patients and to build trust.”

There are popular sites that reach the majority of people. As Opp states, “You’ve probably heard of the more common sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. Think of these as the mandatory sites, and quite frankly if your practice is consistently being reviewed by patients on these sites, you’re pretty well set.” In fact, according to Opp, “They are the ones that are going to help your practice increase local search standings.”

According to Opp, “If you want to explore industry specific sites, be cautious. Many of these are self-hosted sites that don’t go to the general public. They may not be free either.”

The entire blog can be found at http://www.smilepalooza.com/hows-your-dental-practices-online-reputation/

To learn more about Dr. Opp and SmilePalooza! visit www.smilepalooza.com

About Dr. Opp and SmilePalooza!

Dr. Darold Opp has been a practicing dentist for 30 years and is in the top one-percent net income bracket of dentists in America.  He was one of three finalists for the Marketer of the Year, an international competition held in Dallas, Texas, where he shared the stage with Dan Kennedy, recognized as the “World’s Greatest Marketer and Millionaire Maker”. Dr. Opp is the recipient of several awards for community involvement. He created SmilePalooza! as a way to give back to his patients and the community. SmilePalooza! has turned out to be an extraordinary marketing tool for the dental profession.

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