Dr. Darold Opp Shares A Personal Event That While Seemingly Tragic Inspired His Dental Career

Dr. Darold Opp, founder of Advanced Family Dentistry and SmilePalooza tells the story of his dream of being a baseball player with the New York Yankees before life took a swing that changed his life and dreams forever.

ABERDEEN, SD – October 30, 2015 – Dr. Darold Opp, DDS, founder of Advanced Family Dentistry and SmilePalooza, recently posted a new article on his website entitled “How an Early Accident Led to a Life Changing Dream and Dental Career.” The article is based on a story Dr. Opp told during his acceptance speech receiving an Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry.

Darold OppOpp writes, “I grew up on a farm in rural South Dakota. When I was 5 years-old I had a dream of playing baseball with the world-renowned New York Yankees.” He continued adding, “ My dad, who was a practical man and a hard-working farmer, told me, “city boys play baseball, farm boys work hard.” I didn’t mind him saying that. I knew my parents worked hard and did their best with a grade school education. And I knew the value of hard work. I worked hard on the farm and I also had my second-hand baseball glove, a worn out bat and I practiced every chance I could.”

“But before the game ever began,” writes Opp, “something happened that changed my life forever. I was walking behind a guy in the warm-up circle when the guy, without seeing me, swung and hit me right in the face with the bat. I lost a lot of teeth that day and thought I would never smile again.”

The entire article can be found at http://www.smilepalooza.com/how-an-early-accident-led-to-a-life-changing-dream-and-dental-career/

To learn more about Dr. Opp and SmilePalooza visit www.smilepalooza.com

About Dr. Opp and SmilePalooza

Dr. Darold Opp has been a practicing dentist for 30 years and is in the top one-percent net income bracket of dentists in America. He was one of three finalists for the Marketer of the Year, an international competition held in Dallas, Texas, where he shared the stage with Dan Kennedy, recognized as the “World’s Greatest Marketer and Millionaire Maker”. Dr. Opp is the recipient of several awards for community involvement. He created SmilePalooza as a way to give back to his patients and the community. SmilePalooza has turned out to be an extraordinary marketing tool for the dental profession.

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