Douglas Chapman Co-Founder And Partner of Wealth Management Group, LLC. Says Paying Down Debt Should Be A Priority For Retirement Strategies

Clark, NJ – March 28, 2016 – Douglas Chapman, co-founder and partner of Wealth Management Group, LLC., published a new blog post entitled “Tackling Debt & Your Retirement Strategy.” In the blog, he explains the long that debts remain unpaid, the more interest they accrue, which diminishes funds that could be allocated for retirement.

doug chapman photo new 3.10.15Chapman says, “Developing an aggressive approach to paying down your debt before you retire should be a key aspect of your retirement strategy. Prioritizing your debt payments will help to ensure that you maximize your retirement contributions. In the end, it’s a number’s game: the more time your debt remains unpaid, the more interest you pay. Essentially, this means giving money away. Paying down your debts faster not only reduces the principal amount you owe, but also reduces the amount of interest you pay overall.”

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Douglas Chapman is co-founder and partner of Wealth Management Group, where he specializes in the retirement and estate planning division. He’s been in the financial business for 20 years and has offered services to a wide range of clients from television actors and musicians to business owners and investment bankers. Chapman’s financial planning business is conducted through Securian Financial Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Additionally, he is a licensed broker of life, accident and health insurance in many states throughout the country. He holds series 6, 63 and 7 registrations and has been featured on CNBC Television to discuss estate tax, retirement, and investment strategies. Chapman’s financial commentary has also been featured in Bloomberg Information Radio, Smart Money Magazine, and Reader’s Digest. Chapman’s financial advice can also be heard on his two weekly radio shows: “Your Financial Future,” Saturday mornings at 8 on AM 1250 and “Your Financial Guys” Saturday mornings at 9 on AM 1410.

Securities and investment advisory services, including financial planning services, are offered through Securian Financial Services Inc., a broker/dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC. Wealth Management Group is separately owned and operated.

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