Douglas Chapman Co-Founder And Partner of Wealth Management Group, LLC. Says Its Imperative to Develop a Strategy for Financing College Expenses With Your Children

Clark, NJ – May 11, 2016 – Douglas Chapman, co-founder and partner of Wealth Management Group, LLC., published a new article entitled, “Weighing the Costs: Your Children’s College Tuition & Your Finances.” In the article, he discusses the importance of collaborating with your children in order to develop a finance plan to pay for college costs.

doug chapman photo new 3.10.15Chapman says, “You may also be looking into loan options. Perhaps the most common option parents utilize is the federal PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) loan program. The big advantage of these types of loans is that they offer fixed interest rates that are usually much lower than personal loans. There are also a variety of flexible repayment options, as well. A word of caution concerning PLUS loans: If you choose to take this type of loan out, you, the parent, will ultimately be responsible for repaying it. If you are getting close to retiring, this sort of financial obligation could wreak havoc on your retirement funds.

In considering loan options, you may discuss the possibility that your child takes a federal loan out in his or her name, seeing as they have years of income earning potential in their future. In this instance, you could also help your child make repayments on the loan, if you choose, but you would not be ultimately responsible for the loan, should you be unable to pay at the risk of jeopardizing your retirement funds.”

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