Doctor of Dental Medicine Dr. Charmen Douglas-Pinkard Featured in Forbes Magazine

Dr. Charmen Douglas-Pinkard, CEO of Beautiful Smile LLC and Founder of Give Back A Life Foundation, was recently featured in Forbes as one of America’s PremierExperts.

New Jersey – April 10, 2013 – Dr. Charmen Douglas-Pinkard,  dentist to major professional athletes, is an expert on sleep apnea and cosmetic therapy. Dr. Douglas-Pinkard was recently seen in Forbes with other leading professionals as part of a feature called “America’s PremierExperts® Presents: Forecasts & Strategies For the New Year & Beyond.” In the Forbes feature, Dr. Charmen Douglas-Pinkard and other leading experts from various industries were asked for their “top tips on health, wealth and success to help you thrive in the New Year and beyond.”

Dr. Douglas-Pinkard remarked, “Health providers will see an increase in uninsured patients struggling with the cost of medication and chronic conditions; the likelihood of avoiding routine medical-dental visits becomes greater. Health-related expenses associated with loss of work is a dilemma for employers and taxpayers. Access to affordable healthcare will not only improve our socioeconomic condition, it will reduce costly medical emergencies.”

Dr. Douglas-Pinkard has been recognized for her advance work in medical-dental health and Beautiful Smile LLC is the first Dental group to receive a Forbes Enterprise Award.  She is also the best-selling co-author of the book, The New Masters of Online Marketing: Leading Experts From Around The World Reveal Proven Secrets to Grow Your Business Through Online Marketing Strategies, for which she received a 2011 Golden Quill Award.

Commitment to service in the community is a top priority for Charmen Douglas-Pinkard. She believes in educating the public on alternative treatment options and daily modification with every day habits, to promote better overall health and stronger teeth.   Dr. Douglas-Pinkard integrates  health, medicine and dentistry, through the use of non-invasive therapies such as neuromuscular dentistry, diet modification, and soft tissue management for gum disease.  The public is unaware some chronic medical conditions are complicated by a disease found in the mouth and/or head and neck.

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About Dr. Charmen Douglas-Pinkard:

Dr. Charmen Douglas-Pinkard  Dentist and is currently in private practice within the Southern Jersey Area.  Charmen Douglas-Pinkard has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nutrition and a Doctorate Degree in Dental Medicine.  Dr. Douglas-Pinkard is the CEO of Beautiful Smile, LLC and Founder of, Give Back A Life Foundation LLC; which serves to provide up dental services to domestic violence victims each year.  During her 22 years of practice in the field of Dentistry, Dr. Douglas-Pinkard has been appointed to the National Dental Association’s House of Delegates,  New Era Dental Society’s, Executive Board  and is an associate member of the South Jersey Medical Association.

Dr. Douglas-Pinkard is passionate about her community and is a sought – after – contributor and speaker   in print media, television, lectures as an expert in business and medicine.  Dr. Douglas-Pinkard formed the non-profit Give Back A Life Foundation to help domestic violence victims with professional dental services, counseling, mentorship, career guidance and support, with the help of other business professionals and corporations.

Dr. Douglas-Pinkard has served as a member of the Academy of General Dentistry Speaker’s Bureau and lecturers about the effects of toxins found in our mouth that can complicate existing cardiac and respiratory conditions.  Dr. Douglas-Pinkard was chosen as one of the original practice investigators of the New York University’s grant research program, for the development and modification of dental procedures to better serve patient’s health and medical needs.

Dr. Douglas-Pinkard has been a guest of CN8 News and MDTV, as an expert on sleep apnea and cosmetic therapy.  South Jersey’s Courier Post featured an article on Dr. Douglas’ as an expert in aliments associated with gums.  Some feedback comments from past interviews are as follows:

“You should get a lot of calls from the interview” – Arthur Fennell CN8

“Very informative and interesting” –  Shawn Rheau Courier Post

Dr. Douglas-Pinkard enjoys tailoring her talk to suit different ages and interest groups.  She is very likeable and has become an excellent person to interview by captivating her audience with a layman’s approach to everyday health issues pertaining to the mouth and the surrounding structures.

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