Direct Response Marketing Expert Andrew Cass Says Be Aware of Risks & Rewards of SMS Text Marketing

Andrew Cass, Co-founder and President of RemarkaMobile, recommends understanding the nature of the SMS Text Marketing relationship before diving in.

Miami, FL,  August 4, 2014: Co-founder and President of RemarkaMobile Andrew Cass, nationally recognized expert on Direct Response Marketing, has posted a new blog on the Remarkamobile wesbsite entitled, SMS Text Marketing Relationships Must Be Founded on Authenticity.

Cass states that just because we have the ability to connect with others 24/7 does not mean that our communications are meaningful. He cautions that, “The immediacy and expanded reach of SMS text marketing can open a business up to unforeseen pitfalls due to the real-time nature of this virtual communication tool. It’s important to understand the choices at your disposal and to use the ones that are going to be most productive for your business today.”

RemarkaMobile specializes in showing smart business owners and savvy entrepreneurs how to get a fast ROI using Mobile Text (SMS) Marketing.

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RemarkaMobile is a group of Certified Mobile Marketing Advisors who specialize in showing smart business owners and savvy entrepreneurs how to get a fast Return On Investment (ROI) using Mobile Text (SMS) Marketing to grow their business. Our team of experts shows you how to build ongoing Text campaigns and deliver clear, targeted messages to customers’ mobile devices. We even provide you with tools and resources that get more qualified prospects and turn more of them into sales.

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