Dental Marketing Expert Chris Griffin Publishes New Article With Tips For Dealing With An Employee With A Poor Attitude

Chris Griffin, Founder of The Capacity Academy, a dental practice consulting company, warns readers that a bad attitude is contagious and can corrupt and entire team.

Ripley, MS – November 28, 2011 – Chris Griffin, Founder of The Capacity Academy, a dental practice consulting company, recently published an article on his website ( discussing the challenge of dealing with an employee with a poor attitude. The article, titled “Don’t Let One Bad Apple Spoil the Bushel,” explains that a poor attitude can spread throughout a workforce and cannot be tolerated.

Chris Griffin writes, “It’s important to establish a policy right from the start—you cannot and should not allow any one employee to adversely impact the rest of your team. It is simply unacceptable, no matter how long they have worked for you, no matter how much you like them, and no matter how popular they are with the rest of your team.”

The Capacity Academy specializes in dental practice consulting. They help clients increase production and profitability through the use of efficient techniques and systems.

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About Chris Griffin:

One of the few dentists brave enough to tackle lecturing and coaching dental assistants, Chris Griffin, DDS, formed The Capacity Academy in 2008 to help dentists increase both their hourly production and overall clinical efficiency.  He soon found that no dentist can truly flourish without the help of their trusted auxiliaries.  Now, their training is an essential cog in the wheel of his style of dental coaching, along with teaching the absolute essentials of efficiency without sacrificing clinical excellence.

Dr. Griffin is a columnist for The Profitable Dentist magazine and self-publishes a monthly newsletter called the Capacity Review. He is the Lead Author of the new best-selling book, More Than A Mouthful, a human interest book to the general public about dentists.  His previously published book, Time Genius: Design, Achieve and Implement Any Goal Into Your Already Hectic, Crazy Life (or Business), has sold over 770 copies, and his self-published book The Ultimate Secret of Success: Not Just For Dentists has had over 530 downloads as an ebook.  That book has 6 top notch guest authors, such as Dr. Howard Farran, Dr. Sam Puri, Dr. Bob Westerman, Dr. Woody Oakes and others.  His newest venture is his ezine, The Winning Dentist, which currently boasts over 2000 subscribers.

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