Dawn McIntyre of Boldly Beautiful Publishes Blog About Selfless Sacrifice in Romantic Relationships

The Author of “The New 10” and expert on redefining beauty for women, Dawn McIntyre, writes a new blog that opposes society’s me-first perspective on life.

CALGARY, ALBERTA – June 4, 2011 – Dawn McIntyre, founder and CEO of Boldly Beautiful® International, a self esteem, confidence building and spiritual growth company, recently published a blog on her website, www.boldlybeautiful.com that explains how offering grace to your significant other sometimes can be a relationship-preserving quality. The blog, titled “Selflessness in Relationship,” encourages us to deny our tendency to protect and defend our own desires and expectations before offering humble kindness to our loved one first.

Dawn writes, “One of my clients that I work with is in the midst of an engagement to be married. She has realized along the way, during her engagement, that some relationship-preserving lessons go completely against our culture’s grain. But they are the very truths that will save the relationship in the long run… One major idea she debunked is that… it’s NOT all about you!”

“Ideally, we would love to envision a world in which we marry someone who is perfect. They linger on our every word, they never have a negative attitude, and they love us in the exact way we need without fail (words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, etc). Again – don’t misunderstand me. You should definitely expect that your guy or gal is willing to try their best to bring happiness and love into the relationship. However, there are times when humbling your heart and offering grace for lack of perfection is the kind of perspective that demonstrates your kindness and willingness to accept your significant other for who they are, entirely. You show love for their whole self, not just their sunny side,” says McIntyre.

Boldly Beautiful® International specializes in helping women and teens build their self confidence and grow spiritually. Through a variety of coaching programs, they help clients with ­­developing personal intuition, learning to see their inner beauty and becoming masters of their life dreams.

The entire blog can be found at http://boldlybeautiful.com/innerbeauty/?p=429

To learn more about Boldly Beautiful® International, please visit http://www.boldlybeautiful.com/

About Boldly Beautiful® International:

Boldly Beautiful® International’s mission is to help women and teens feel beautiful and develop a healthy self-esteem, from the inside out. The company offers an Intuitive Mastery Mentoring Program, a Self Mastery Mentoring Program and an incredible EFT program called Beauty Beyond Belief. Both of these programs are designed for women and teens, and moms and daughters are encouraged to experience them together.

Founder and CEO of Boldly Beautiful® International, Dawn McIntyre is a Professional Spiritual Intuitive, with expertise in leading men and women into higher states of expansion and beauty consciousness. Developing her intuition was her path to full expression of being. As a professional and expert in this area, Dawn encourages the development of this amazing quality that we all have as a part of Boldly Beautiful’s programs and coaching sessions.

Dawn is the best-selling author of Big Ideas for Your Business (Celebrity Press 2009), the best-selling author of Shift Happens (Celebrity Press 2009) and is the forthcoming author of Bouncing Back – Thriving Through Changing Times due to be released in the fall of 2009 and The New 10 – Beauty Redefined ….a 40 Day Program to Your Infinite Beauty and Perfection of Being, released in February 2010.

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