Dawn McIntyre, Founder of Boldly Beautiful, On How to Achieve New Levels With Your Communication in Relationships

The founder of Boldly Beautiful® International and author of The New 10 and expert on redefining beauty for women, Dawn McIntyre, writes a new article, The Art of Nonviolent Communication, challenging women take responsibility for their own feelings in conversation with others, in order to become a New 10 woman.

CALGARY, ALBERTA – January 26, 2011 – Dawn McIntyre, founder and CEO of Boldly Beautiful® International, a self esteem, confidence building and spiritual growth company, recently published an article on her website, www.boldlybeautiful.com that reveals a critical element of becoming boldly beautiful – calm and collected communication with others. The article, titled “The Art of Nonviolent Communication,” discusses how women can restrain their ego’s urgings to respond to pain by emotionally harming others back. Rather, she encourages us to treat others kindly in all of our communications.

Dawn writes, “When someone deeply betrays you, this works. When you are in an uncomfortable situation with a family member, this works. Non-violent communication is a learned practice, and it requires first understanding our own emotions. As soon as you feel your strong emotions (anger, hurt, confusion, despair) flare up, look into your heart. Take time to understand your feelings and their source. This is critical for your ability to communicate clearly to the other person in a reasonable tone.”

“Non-violent communication does not just mean physically peaceful conversation. Even more than that, it calls for emotional non-violence. A New10 woman is someone who will offer respectful and loving responses to others, even after they experience feelings of pain. Your feelings are your own responsibility, just as mine are my responsibility. It’s about boundaries and love. My own feelings of anger do not permit me to treat others with cruelty and disrespect.” says McIntyre.

Boldly Beautiful® International specializes in helping women and teens build their self confidence and grow spiritually. Through a variety of coaching programs, they help clients with ­­developing personal intuition, learning to see their inner beauty and becoming masters of their life dreams.

The entire article can be found at http://www.boldlybeautiful.com/articles/the-art-of-nonviolent-communication.php

To learn more about Boldly Beautiful® International, please visit www.BoldlyBeautiful.com.

About Boldly Beautiful® International:

Boldly Beautiful® International’s mission is to help women and teens feel beautiful and develop a healthy self-esteem, from the inside out. The company offers an Intuitive Mastery Mentoring Program, a Self Mastery Mentoring Program and an incredible EFT program called Beauty Beyond Belief. Both of these programs are designed for women and teens, and moms and daughters are encouraged to experience them together.

About Dawn McIntyre:

Dawn McIntyre, Professional Spiritual Intuitive, is an expert in leading men and women into higher states of expansion and beauty consciousness.

Dawn is a third generation psychic and is also professionally certified as a Medium, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Six-Sensory Practitioner.  Using oracle cards and tarot decks is one of Dawn’s passions but she also has a true gift of claircognizance and can guide you with a deep inner knowing of what will work best for you in any situation.

Dawn is regularly sought out by the media and she has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX as well as being featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine and numerous other publications. She was also a regular guest on BTV in Edmonton, Alberta for two years and has been a guest on over 150 radio shows in the past three years.

Dawn is also the best-selling author of Big Ideas for Your Business (Celebrity Press 2009), Shift Happens (Celebrity Press 2009), Bouncing Back – Thriving Through Changing Times and The New10 – 40 Days to Creating a Boldly Beautiful Life from the Inside Out (Morgan James Publishing).


Dawn received The 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in the field of Spiritual Growth by The International Association of Business Leaders.

Dawn was honoured with privilege of being featured in the 2010/2011 Black Book for Stanford’s Who’s Who.

Dawn was the winner of the Avenue Magazine’s Life Re-imagined Award, 2010 in Calgary, Alberta.

Dawn was presented with the Best-Sellers Quill Award in honour of her best-seller, The New 10 by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

Dawn lives in Calgary, Alberta with her daughter Kennedy.

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