David Rice and New Home Star: Success Built on Experience, Relationships, and Trust

Chicago, Ill. – November 9, 2011 – While the rest of the housing industry was bracing for what seemed like the end of the world in 2007, David Rice was leaving his Corporate Vice President job at Pulte Homes to found New Home Star, a national new home sales and marketing firm.

Founded in 2007, New Home Star went to market in 2008 and in only three years has become a debt-free, profitable, leader in its industry spanning 3,000 miles.

While at Pulte, Rice set the state record for the most new homes sold in the state of Michigan in a single year.  He then led Pulte’s top-performing division to $1 billion in single-year sales revenue and was promoted as the youngest vice president in a Fortune 150 home building company with more than 14,000 employees.

“When you put other people first, business success comes to you in that way,” he says.

New Home Star’s success is a testament to the relationships and trust that Rice and his team have built.

From recruiting and training a top sales team, to developing and managing all marketing strategies and efforts, New Home Star has not only grown but flourished.  Recently featured in Builder Magazine and CNN Money, they are proving that despite discouraging circumstances and environment, it is possible to rise above—just as Rice did.

“When someone works hard they are seizing an opportunity. Someone who’s disciplined prepares for that opportunity before it ever arrives,” he says.  “People are capable of so much more than they may ever realize.”

Rice is living proof.  Twelve years after he practically begged for a job at Pulte, he is providing leadership across the industry while balancing family, coaching his son’s soccer and weekly volunteer work.

“I came from a family that never overvalued money and a town that didn’t have very high expectations.  So, the risks associated with being an entrepreneur, to me, never seemed very risky.  The things that are most important do not come and go with the success of my career.  But, we’re having success and a whole lot of fun.  We’re making a real difference for our employees and our clients,” he says, “and that is what’s most important.”

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