David Leopold aka Small Biz David: A Big Name for Small Business

Cincinnati, OH – January 4, 2012 – David Leopold, leading expert in marketing and small business and best known as Small Biz David, loves a challenge.

With an extensive 40-year marketing career, he’s had a direct hand in the success of more than 50 businesses, working with 19 of the largest insurance companies in the nation and been a national speaker for the Direct Marketing Association.

Driven by his constant desire to challenge himself and “do justice to his calling in life,” the professional entrepreneur is launching his newest venture, David’s Barter Community at www.davidsbarter.com.

It all started on January 31st, 2011 when he was watching a live broadcast of the Startup America Partnership, a movement by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to encourage economic growth by supporting small businesses, launched at the White House.  Funded by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Case Foundation, it was right down Small Biz David’s alley and immediately he jumped on board.

“Any business started out as an idea with an individual or group and as that idea grew whether it was a product or service they needed more folks to help whatever they created and that creates jobs,” he says.

Davidsbarter.com is a community where small businesses can gather, share information, resources, and barter products and services. After an initial setup fee, members can lease a landing page for only $99 per month which includes a complimentary marketing profile featuring a brief description of their business, a compelling statement, area of expertise, and product or service they will barter.

Bartering, for Small Biz David, is the key to growing a small business and what makes www.davidsbarter.com different from the rest.

“Bartering becomes collaboration.  The new business model is dependent on small businesses collaborating with each other,” he says.

Bartering allows a small business to increase their customer base and gain invaluable referrals while saving significantly on overhead costs.  Davidsbarter.com will also feature Small Biz TV, a daily news report from him via Skype, and be taking over the social media stream with live chats, tweets, videos, posts and more.

“There’s a whole new dynamic being created with how members communicate with each other in the fastest real time possible.  We’re as real time as it gets,” he says.

Read More: http://davidsbarter.com/about/smallbizdavid

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