David Cabral — 35-Minute Boot Camps: It Doesn’t Get More Real Than This

Hoboken, NJ – January 2, 2012 – There are a lot of things someone can do in 35 minutes but spending it with David Cabral of 35-Minute Boot Camps will result in an intense, personalized workout filled with lots of sweat – and laughter.

“We’re creating a playground.  We’re recess. You hear the word boot camp and think it would be intimidating,” he says.

But it’s not and that’s what makes 35-Minute Boot Camps stand out among the rest of the nearly 20 gyms and studios in Hoboken.  Cabral leads intense workouts, but ensures they are friendly, safe, and never boring.

“The idea is to get real people, real coaches, real opportunities, and a real workout without real intimidation,” he says.

And it’s working—his client success stories go on and on.  From Eddie, the 65-year old man who is back in the gym after a 30-year hiatus, to Necy, a girl who was scared to lift five pounds due to a back injury and can now carry 25 pounds in each hand, Cabral gets a lot of his inspiration from his clients.

“Everybody is different and every technique is different.  It’s okay to not be perfect.  We’re not in a perfect world. Come and be who you are and the best you can be,” he says.

His optimism is infectious. For someone who has succeeded against the odds, Cabral believes, “We will succeed no matter what.  That’s the vibe we have at the studio.”

Cabral insists that every member focus on their workout, not numbers.  They also have a no before- or after-pictures policy for all clients.

“They think they have to be the dying image of fitness.  I don’t care about that.  I just want you to be healthy and focus on the task at hand.”

Cabral is all about focus.  With the growing success of 35-Minute Boot Camps, he’s looking to expand his studio space again, write a healthy living book in Spanish, and join his wife in designing “real workouts for real women.”

“Successful people always have a mission,” he says which is what he wants for his clients, too. “We’re teaching people how to live again.  Boot camp is getting them ready for something and that’s what I’m doing—I’m getting them ready to have life again.”

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